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How Well Security Cameras Deter Crime

Mar 31, 2022

Security cameras are a powerful tool for holding criminals responsible. But how do security cameras work to deter crime? It's not just about capturing the act on video. It's about making an individual know that they will be caught and held responsible if they commit a crime. When businesses have security cameras with great coverage, especially ones that are hard to disable or tamper with, it can help convince criminals to move on, and keep everyone else on their best behavior.

Here we’ll explore the psychology behind security cameras, what makes them effective, and how you can best use them to keep your own property safer.

The Psychology Behind Security Cameras

The psychology behind security cameras can be as important and effective as the surveillance technology itself. A recent study sought to determine how well security cameras do on their own to deter crime as well as the effect of signage identifying the cameras. The study found that security camera signage is a particularly effective deterrent.

Not every potential criminal will be on the lookout for security cameras, the signage makes them more likely to be noticed. Additionally, security camera signage strongly implies that the cameras are being actively monitored.

Security Cameras are the Most Effective Burglar Deterrent

A recent study of 422 former burglars conducted interviews to learn from their habits and methods so that we can better prepare for future theft. When surveyed, it was found that security cameras were the most effective deterrent preventing them from carrying out their crimes.

Up to 60% of them would be convinced not to rob a home if it had security cameras. Over 50% said that discovering security cameras would also result in aborting the burglary. So, do security cameras deter crime? Yes, by installing security cameras, you reduce the odds of theft by more than half. 

Law Enforcement Acknowledges the Value of Security Cameras

Law enforcement agencies recognize how valuable surveillance cameras are to their work. Security footage regularly helps police catch suspects in the act of vandalism, theft, robbery, and other crimes. When you have a security camera installed in your business, you have access to evidence that can help the police do their job. Factors like the quality of security cameras you use, where they're installed, and the quality of footage they collect can make a big difference in whether or not your security cameras help police catch criminals.

Security Cameras Result in a 50% drop in All Types of Crime

Installing security cameras in cities often results in about a 50% drop in crime rates. You can imagine what that means for businesses who install these systems, as well as homeowners who want to protect themselves and their families. How do security cameras deter crime at such high rates? Security cameras remove the incentive for crimes of opportunity. And those that proceed with their crimes are likely to be identified and arrested, preventing future crimes.

When people know that they're being watched by security systems and surveillance cameras, their behavior changes. Knowing they’re being watched is an incentive to stay on their best behavior.

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Security Cameras Deter Both External and Internal Crime

Do surveillance cameras reduce crime inside of a business? Studies show that they do. A recent workplace monitoring and surveillance report found that up to 82% of managers rely on some form of electronic monitoring in the workplace, and security cameras make up the majority of those systems.

According to Willis North America, 90% of all significant theft losses can be traced to employees. While there are plenty of threats from the public, employees have the most access and opportunity to steal from the places they work.

This is why it’s critical for businesses to install indoor security cameras in areas like stockrooms, or anywhere valuable equipment is kept to monitor employees, in addition to areas like entrances and points of sale to monitor customers.

Consult Security Experts at CCTV Security Pros

With security cameras installed by CCTV Security Pros, you can review live or recorded footage directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can set up the system to send push notifications to your phone if cameras detect unusual activity, and you can easily jump to the parts of your video feed that show motion detected.

Security cameras do an outstanding job of deterring crime. CCTV Security Pros is a leading security and surveillance company specializing in customizing the perfect surveillance solution for homes and businesses. We offer free consultations with our experienced technicians, so give us a call today.