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Saving with DIY Security Camera Setup

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 26, 2019

Saving with DIY Security Camera Setup

An installation crew for your security cameras can cost thousands of dollars, but it doesn't have to.

If you or your employees are comfortable laying coax or Ethernet cable with the help of a remote support team, and if your security system if the right type, you can do it yourself in an afternoon and save a ton of money in the process. Here's how to do a DIY security camera installation with professional results.

The Money You'll Save on Fees

Traditional installation of a 4-8 security camera system can cost you from $1000 to $2200 depending on the number of cameras and features you need.

Costs only go up from there if you've selected a company with a monthly subscription. This can cost $20-$100 or more every month just to keep things up and running.

Important Components of a DIY Security Camera System

Simple to Install
Our security cameras and systems here at CCTV Security Pros are plug and play. Just connect the power cord & video cord (they're the same cord for network IP systems) and you're ready to go.

Free Support
You and your team may be the ones on site plugging in each unit, but you'll have access to unlimited technical support and a team of security experts based in the USA to help you every step of the way over the phone. That includes an initial consultation to ensure you get the right equipment, the actual process of installation, and troubleshooting for any issues.

Remote Viewing with No Subscription or Fees
One of the greatest things about DIY security camera systems by CCTV Security Pros is that you can view your live & recorded footage from anywhere on your smartphone or computer for absolutely free.

Getting Started with Your System

With a DIY security camera setup, you can more easily start out with one or two cameras and add additional ones as your needs for coverage expand.

All our security cameras and systems come with everything needed for installation, including accessories like cables, connectors, power supplies, camera housings, and surveillance signs to improve your threat deterrence. All new security cameras are 4 megapixels minimum, and recorders capture through H.265 video compression to make the most of your video storage space.

Adjust the Security System to Fit Your Needs

Nothing beats the flexibility that DIY security camera system installation offers. Even with a limited budget, you can still mix and match security surveillance options based on your needs. By choosing to install a plug-and-play security system by yourself, you can easily adjust it to fit your unique indoor or outdoor surveillance needs in your home, business or other property.

For instance, maybe you want a complete all-in-one system that offers all the features you need with a plug-and-play option. Go the easy DIY security camera installation route and select one of our easy-to-install security camera systems at CCTV Security Pros. When you do it yourself, you can set up the security system exactly how you want it, saving money in the process.

You Can Upgrade When You Please

A DIY self-monitoring security system allows you to upgrade when you please. You don't have to start off with a complete security system which can be costly. For instance, if you want to monitor your home backyard when you're away, you can start with a single security camera with built-in motion detection and the ability to record surveillance footage to an SD card. It can even notify you motion-triggered alerts on your mobile phone.

For your business, you can upgrade your security cameras and system as your business grows. DIY security camera installation is the way to go while you take a step at a time. Additionally, when you choose the DIY option, you can install the cameras on your own schedule. You don't have to rely on a technician's schedule and can do it when you're ready.

Self-Monitoring Security System

Business Security Cameras

When you opt for a DIY installation, you get to self-monitor your own security systems. With a monitored system, you'll have to pay extra money each month to have your video clips managed under a centralized system for storage and access. With do it yourself, you can simply buy a DVR or NVR for your home or business so you can access your video footage and even control your cameras at your own home or business, at zero monthly costs.

With CCTV Security Pros, you can enjoy remote viewing on internet-enabled devices such as your mobile phone from anywhere and at any time at no extra cost. Remote viewing on phones is now easy to set up with our security cameras and systems by scanning a QR code on the NVR. We provide you with step-by-step DIY security camera installation guidelines.

Get Started at CCTV Security Pros

Going the DIY security camera system installation route is cost-effective for businesses and property owners who are looking to save money when installing new cameras or upgrading a security system.

Contact our experts at CCTV Security Pros by calling 888.653.2288 or visit our Learning Center to learn more about our security systems.