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Smartphone Compatible Wireless Security Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Sep 19, 2018

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With camera technology advancing at such a fast pace, it’s easy to see why wireless security cameras compatible with smartphones for remote viewing are quickly becoming the popular surveillance option for businesses and property owners. If you’re looking for a security solution that enables you to enjoy live streaming and get notifications on your mobile directly, opting for purposefully built mobile-friendly security cameras is the way to go.

Today, most IP security cameras are smartphone-ready and offer you seamless control on your phone when you want to easily monitor the indoors or outdoors when you’re away.

Why Cameras With Remote Viewing Capability?

The ability to monitor your cameras from anywhere at any time is incredibly powerful for business owners and managers. It gives them the flexibility to get eyes on any part of their operation within a few moments. They can even monitor multiple stores or locations across the city and across the world.

So what makes a great smartphone compatible wireless security camera? Here are five quick elements you should look out for.

Phone and Security Camera Compatibility Issues

While security camera manufacturers try their best to design security solutions that are compatible with today’s most popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS, it’s important to ask yourself if you need iPhone compatible security cameras only or cameras that will work with all major mobile platforms. Considering that almost all wireless security cameras now come with smartphone remote viewing functionality, all you have to do is to confirm whether they’ll support the capabilities you want in your devices.

Compatibility issues mostly come in when you consider the different smartphone models of your favorite brand. For instance, if you own an iPhone X and the rest of your family owns other models like the iPhone 5, 6, 7 or 8 or even LG, Samsung or Tecno phones, are you sure they’ll be compatible with your wireless security cameras? To be sure, you have to check with your security camera manufacturer.

Before you even buy wireless security cameras for your business, make sure your smartphone compatible wireless security camera will work with no issues across all your devices. Full smartphone compatibility ensures you’re always in the know when it comes to monitoring your installed security cameras and getting alerts and notifications on the go.

Smartphone Security Camera App

While there are many third-party smartphone apps that you can download and use with some security cameras, it’s advisable to always use the original manufacturer’s customized app so you can enjoy full functionalities.

A quality mobile-compatible security camera app will offer features like two-way audio, pan-tilt-zoom, motion detection scheduling, motion video recording, motion alerts, video stream selection and more. While third-party apps may offer standard functionalities like live surveillance video viewing on your smartphone from anywhere and anyplace, as well as video playback, other critical features may not be included.

Additionally, such apps will require you to subscribe and pay monthly fees to access live remote viewing and video storage This option means you’ll end up spending a lot of money in the long run. If you want to save money when using smartphone compatible wireless security cameras, opt for the manufacturer’s customized app, which is free to use and access with no ongoing fees.

Security Camera Linking and Setup

The process of linking and setting up wireless security cameras may be easier and more straightforward with fewer wires, but it does vary a lot between different smartphone brands. The biggest challenge for property owners when it comes to buying Android or iPhone compatible security cameras is the setup process. Before spending your money on a security camera, you need to find out the setup process.

For most smartphone apps, the setup process is pretty much the same:

  • Install the free mobile wireless security camera on your mobile phone
  • Launch the smartphone application and enter a unique ID number that will allow you to add the security camera device
  • Click the mobile security camera that displays on the app interface to set custom configurations and enjoy remote viewing

While this wireless security camera linking and setup process may not be the same across different manufacturers, it’s basically designed to be easy to understand.

High-Quality Remote Viewing of Wireless Security Cameras

The last thing you want after investing in wireless security cameras for your business is getting video lag or blurry images in your smartphone remote view. With quality issues like these, you may be unable to recognize faces, license plates, or other important details. That’s why ensuring that your smartphone compatible wireless security camera offers high-quality remote-viewing is important.

To enjoy high-quality images and smooth surveillance live videos:

  • Choose wireless security cameras with the highest resolution (4 MP and above)
  • For mobile compatible wireless security cameras, go for those that support dual-band Wi-Fi signal for smooth internet connection
  • Consider switching between different surveillance video resolutions like 720p, 1440p, and 1080p to accommodate the varying bandwidth requirements of all your security camera viewing devices

Reliable Alerts and Notifications

You’ll want to ensure that the wireless security camera you choose comes with reliable alert and notification features. This means cameras that send an alert to your smartphone when motion is detected. What matters most is ensuring that the alerts are accurate at all times to avoid false alarms. Mobile wireless security cameras that come with the PIR motion sensors can easily distinguish when a person passes by - and a burglar or an intruder.

Go for mobile apps that have advanced and customizable settings that allow you to easily adjust motion detection sensitivity, recording period, and the specified surveillance area to reduce the chances of false alerts and notifications. While motion detection is important, you’ll want to ensure that your wireless security cameras also come with the right set of features to match your surveillance needs. For instance, look out for features like infrared night vision capabilities, HD technology, wide dynamic range, wide angle lens, PTZ capability, higher frame rates, tamper detection, and latest video compression technology.

Shop Smartphone Compatible Wireless Security Cameras

Enjoy your remote HD video viewing and recordings on your phone at any time, anywhere, and anyplace with our selection of wireless security cameras. With great features like zoom capability, simple plug-and-play setup, and super clear images, our wireless surveillance solutions allow you to enjoy a smooth live video-watching experience.

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