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When and Where to Buy a Hidden Camera

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jun 12, 2018

Many security cameras available today are a bit obstructive, essentially announcing their presence to the people they’re supposed to monitor. While this might be necessary for some circumstances, there are definite advantages to keeping cameras hidden in others.

Hidden cameras are an excellent choice when you want to discreetly keep tabs on your workplace, including on the employees to stop internal theft, monitor home service workers, or even keep an eye on your kids at home when you’re away. Times like these are when you should buy a hidden camera for remote monitoring

About Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are a great way to keep your home, office, retail store or other space secure and thanks to technology, they now come in different unique designs and sizes. Today, you’ll find hidden cameras built into everyday objects like clocks, phone chargers, light bulbs, computer desk item holders, smoke detectors among others. Some hidden cameras can even stream photos and images to your smartphone, giving you peace of mind when you’re away.

Hidden Security Cameras       SmartPhone Camera

When Should You Consider Buying a Hidden Camera?

When You Want to Keep Watch Over Your Employees

With estimates of between $50 and $100 billion dollars reported lost as a result of employee theft every year, buying hidden cameras are common sense steps for business owners to take steps to crack down on workplace theft and fraud. Whether you’re worried about such cases in an office setting, in your retail store or even your warehouse, hidden cameras are an ideal solution.

Hidden cameras come disguised in common office objects like  motion detectors, plants, and clocks. You can even get a completely functional fire alarm. Discreet surveillance technology for businesses is growing quickly, even in smaller businesses.

When You Want Extra Eyes Watching Your Family

Many homeowners invest in hidden cameras to help them keep an extra eye on members of their family, especially young kids and teens. It’s common to have a babysitter or a service worker in your home. Having such people can take a lot of stress off you. However, it comes with risks. Having hidden cameras in your home is a powerful way of keeping your kids safe.

Opting to buy a hidden camera helps you see what’s happening to members of your family in real-time, from wherever you are. With the right IP hidden camera placement, you don’t have to take chances when you’re away from home. These cameras can be installed in critical places like entrances, your sitting room, basement, playing areas, kitchen and even outside.

When You Want to Stay One Step Ahead of Burglars and Intruders

CCTV cameras installed inside and outside your home will capture the presence of intruders or burglars, but in cases where you’re dealing with intruders who know their way around the house, your security surveillance cameras will not be enough. Hidden cameras are regularly used by people to catch unwelcome intrusions by neighbors, family members, and even their landlord.

While visible cameras are a deterrent, intruders will often find a way to beat the cameras. However, by using a hidden camera for remote monitoring, you can stay one step ahead of intruders to catch the crime in the act.

When You Want Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence

When you suspect someone you know is breaking your trust, you’ll need hard evidence to prove it. This person could be stealing from your stockroom or even your home. You can catch them in the act when you buy a hidden camera and install it in areas of concern. Footage from hidden cameras can be admissible in court as evidence if you decide to press any charges.

When You Want to Hold Someone Accountable

Do people really do what they say they do when you’re not looking? Whether it's your kids, your employees, or even your spouse, you can make sure they put in the work they say they do with a hidden camera.

Where Should You Buy Hidden Cameras?

Hidden Camera Remote Monitoring

When it comes to your purchase, it’s important to first decide what type of discrete monitoring you want. This will help you choose a hidden camera that best suits your needs. What matters most is opting for hidden cameras that come with Wi-Fi connection, video quality, and other functional features. The right camera should also have mobile, PC or tablet app connectivity so you can monitor your video feed in real-time from any location.

Shopping for hidden camera remote monitoring solutions online is perhaps the best option you have. While you can visit local stores, shopping online offers you a wider variety of choices, better pricing options, and opportunities to buy hidden cameras from a leading security camera stores.

If you’re looking for discreet monitoring solutions for your home or business, start by consulting the surveillance experts at CCTV Security Pros for professional advice with no obligations.