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When to Use Secret Security Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jan 5, 2021

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Placing security cameras in plain sight is an excellent way to deter criminal activity and hold visitors to their best behavior on your property. But keeping a camera or two hidden has its own benefits. Hidden or secret security cameras can help you monitor what matters most to you. That might be a stockroom, vault, or point-of-sale system at work, or your family and pets at home.

While privacy issues often deter homeowners and business owners from using hidden security cameras, there are right and wrong ways to use hidden cameras in your property to avoid legal and ethical issues.

Ways to use Hidden Security Cameras

Keep an Eye on Your Children

You can’t have your eyes on your kids 24/7. The latest small security cameras are perfect for monitoring kids on your smartphone when you’re away. Secret security cameras help you do it more discreetly. You can install these cameras in living areas and kids’ playing areas. That will help you keep track of what they’re doing at any given time.

Monitor Your Nanny

If you’re busy with work or errands and can’t take care of your children all day, you’re most likely going to need a nanny to take care of them. However, even when working with vetted nannies, you’re still leaving your kids with a relative stranger. There’s always that uneasy feeling at the back of your mind. With hidden security cameras, you can remotely monitor how the nanny interacts and takes care of your kids when you’re away. Recorded video can also help you resolve incidents and disputes.

Keep an Inconspicuous Eye on Employees

When employees know they’re under surveillance, they tend to be more diligent in their actions. While having visible cameras is a reliable workplace surveillance approach, they’re not always the best option. If you want to keep an inconspicuous eye on your employees, opt for secret security cameras. Install them in places like inventory & stock stores and cash registers to catch theft or shrinkage. But keep these surveillance camera laws in mind.

Monitor Hired Help

Hiring service contractors is the norm for most homeowners and business owners. When you need repairs, installations, maintenance, or professional cleaning, you’ll need the extra help around the house or your business. Most of these service providers, including gardeners, cleaners, babysitters, lawn keepers, and roofing experts, might come when you’re not at home. You can keep an eye on them and ensure they’re doing their job with secret security cameras.

Watch Your Pets

We all love our pets, and they’re part of the family. But sometimes, they can cause trouble when you’re away. Maybe you’re always wondering which of your pets is getting into the trash can or damaging your furniture. With hidden security cameras, you can monitor your pets and the type of behavior they exhibit when you’re away and ensure your peace of mind. You can use the video recordings to work out solutions to solve pet behavior problems.

Protect Your Business

You’ve worked so hard to build a successful business, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to protect it. Apart from having visible security cameras installed in vulnerable areas inside and outside your business, installing secret security cameras at strategic areas can help you monitor your property, employees, inventory, customers, and visitors. Video footage from these cameras could be vital in resolving harassment, violence, and false claims at the workplace.

Enhance Customer Service

customer service personnel

It’s normal to get customer feedback about your service, delivery, and customer service experience. This is crucial so you can know what steps to take to make improvements. Sometimes, you’ll get complaints about poor service, and having video evidence can help you identify the reasons behind them. Secret security cameras can help you handle such situations correctly, improve customer interactions, and ensure a positive experience.

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