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Why Camera Gadgets Can't Measure Up to a Complete System

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 8, 2021

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Security cameras are exceptionally useful for homeowners and businesses looking to improve security, deter crime, and ensure peace of mind when away. But when it comes to selecting the right security camera or system, there’s more to it than searching online and reading reviews.

There are many entry-level security camera gadgets by popular eCommerce stores available online. But there’s a considerable difference between these entry-level systems and a professional-grade system. While these mobile camera gadgets come at a lower cost, their capabilities often don’t measure up. If purchased on a subscription, they may even equal or exceed the cost of a professional system.

In this guide, we’ll show you why opting for a complete security camera system may be the best choice for your home or business.

What’s Wrong With Buying Camera Gadgets?

While there are some quality camera gadgets designed for surveillance applications like monitoring kids and pets when you’re away from home, monitoring visitors who come to your door, or front-yard or backyard monitoring, these cameras have certain limitations. A majority of these web-connected gadgets are cheaply available online.

But with most of these cheaper security cameras, the low price tag isn’t necessarily about great products getting less expensive over time. It’s really about the rise of cheap web security cameras flooding the market.

Here’s why you shouldn’t opt for low-end camera gadgets:

  • Low-quality image sensors, which means bad resolution and low-quality imaging
  • Poor video quality for night time and low lighting surveillance
  • Non-existing or unreliable tech support
  • Difficult or confusing set-up
  • Poor video encoding power and outdated video compression technology
  • Poor video interface and design
  • Security flaws that make the cameras vulnerable to hackers
  • Low durability for a shorter product lifespan

Why Complete Security Systems are the Best Option

Whether you want to install CCTV cameras to secure and protect your home or a comprehensive security system for 24/7 video surveillance in your business or commercial property, a complete security system is the best option. There are tremendous benefits of sourcing commercial-grade surveillance systems from established and trusted vendors.

If you’re concerned about the overall quality and privacy risks of camera gadgets on Amazon and other online platforms, we have a better solution. CCTV Security Pros is a leading USA direct supplier of complete security cameras and systems for businesses and homes. Here’s why complete security systems are a better option in all surveillance monitoring aspects.

  • Complete systems are customizable - Unlike web security cameras sold as a single gadget, complete systems include security cameras, a video recorder, wiring, and sometimes a monitor. All these options can be customized, and you can mix and match security cameras to fit your specific IP video surveillance needs.
  • Easily integrate multiple cameras - With a complete security system, you can integrate multiple cameras to fit your surveillance monitoring applications. For instance, if you’re a small business, you can start with two security cameras. For larger properties, you can integrate up to 32 or 64 security cameras. Unlike buying camera gadgets, scaling up your security system is made easy with a complete system. You get to enjoy a simple plug-and-play setup even for wall-mounted security cameras.
  • Excellent mobile integration - The latest complete security systems offer more advanced mobile integration than ever before. That means you can easily view live video footage remotely and recorded footage from your smartphone from anywhere, anytime. You can also view footage from your PC or tablet. While mobile camera gadgets also offer mobile integration, complete systems offer more capabilities and uninterrupted remote viewing.
  • Superior features and quality - Complete security systems provide a wide range of surveillance features, including superior 1080p to 4K Ultra HD video resolution, infrared night vision, IP65/66 waterproof camera housing, vandal-proof camera housing, smart features like motion detection, wide-angle viewing, and commercial-grade 24/7 recording, playback, and viewing capabilities. You get premium features and quality that you can count on every day.

Shop Security Systems at CCTV Security Pros

When choosing a security system to enhance your property’s security and protect what matters to you most, you want to be sure you’re getting the best system available. Camera gadgets may offer a cheaper option, but buying a complete security system that is easily customizable and scalable for your property is the better option.

Find commercial-grade security systems that include everything you need for your indoor and outdoor surveillance needs at CCTV Security Pros. Our product quality is among the industry’s best. Order now and enjoy free unlimited USA-based tech support over the product’s life, free shipping, a 3-year warranty, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

For help customizing your security system, speak with a security expert at CCTV Security Pros.