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64 Channel IP Security Camera System | AI Surveillance by SureVision

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Our 64-channel SureVision Security Camera System is specifically designed to provide you and your enterprise with the comprehensive coverage you require. With a vast network of 64 high-definition cameras strategically placed, every aspect of your property or business will be under constant surveillance.

NVR with AI SureVision's Network Video Recorders (NVRs)  with AI present a comprehensive solution for your surveillance.

Unmatched Surveillance on a Grand Scale

With over 70,000 satisfied customers, our 64-channel security camera systems have become the go-to choice for commercial, residential, and industrial locations across the USA. We pride ourselves on delivering advanced and reliable security solutions that have been trusted by businesses and property owners worldwide.

NDAA Compliant: A Seal of Quality and Trust

Our 64-camera security systems are fully NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliant. This means they are not only suitable for protecting private properties and businesses but also approved for use in US government and military applications. When it comes to securing your assets, trust a system that meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

Security Made Simple: Easy Installation and No Monthly Fees

At CCTV Security Pros, we understand the importance of a hassle-free installation process without compromising on functionality. Our 64-Channel SureVision Security Camera System is engineered to be easy to set up, ensuring a smooth experience for both professionals and DIY installers.

Choosing our 64-channel security camera system means making a wise investment in your property's security. Unlike other surveillance solutions on the market, we don't burden you with ongoing monthly fees, unnecessary app subscriptions, or binding contracts. We believe in providing you with a complete multi-camera standalone surveillance solution that protects your property while keeping your video data secure.

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All CCTV Security Pros cameras are supported by a 100% money-back guarantee, a three-year warranty, and free USA-based support.