Security Camera Hard Drives

Proper storage of security camera footage is an essential part of any surveillance system. With the shift from analog security systems to digital IP security systems, the need for long-term storage of high-resolution video footage has significantly increased. As security camera resolutions improve, business and property owners need more storage for their security footage. This is especially true with 4K Ultra HD footage as it becomes the standard in video surveillance.

At CCTV Security Pros, we bring you surveillance-grade security camera hard drives for your video storage needs. Our hard drives are available in various sizes to suit your recording quality and the number of cameras you have in your security system

Protect the Integrity of Your Video Surveillance

When it comes to storing and securing valuable video footage, there’s no better way to protect the integrity of your video surveillance than using a surveillance-grade hard drive for your security system. All DVRs and NVRs from CCTV Security Pros come with Seagate SkyHawk hard drives that are renowned for their proven reliability and superior recording performance.

Features of our security camera hard drives: 

  • Surveillance-optimized firmware designed to improve reliability by 30%
  • Tuned for 24/7 surveillance workloads
  • Designed to support more security camera recordings at higher resolutions
  • Up to 2000 hours of high definition video storage
  • Reliable performance in write-sensitive surveillance systems
  • Long-term hard drive reliability even in harsh and varying environments
  • Lower power consumption that reduces heat emissions 
  • Can support up to 64 HD security cameras
  • Superior workload rating at least three times that of desktop hard drives

Our hard drives are ideal for IP security camera systems that use network video recorders. CCTV Security Pros offers a 3-year limited warranty with every security camera hard drive. 

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By knowing your surveillance system workload, the number of security cameras that will be supported, your storage requirements, and the hard drives required per surveillance system, you can easily choose the right hard drive for your surveillance infrastructure. Our security experts are here to assist you with any questions or help you customize your system. 

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