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Security Camera System Review and Comparison Sites: A Human's Thoughts

Posted by Jacob Rosenstein on Dec 13, 2022

Security Camera System Review and Comparison Sites: A Human's Thoughts

Are Security Camera System Review and Comparison Sites Really Reliable? Unveiling the Truth

Get ready for an eye-opening journey as we delve deep into the world of review and comparison websites for security camera systems. Have you ever been enticed by an extensive menu at a fancy restaurant, only to be disappointed by the lackluster taste of the food? That's precisely the feeling I experienced when I first relied on a comparison site to select a security camera system. So, fasten your seatbelts because we're about to reveal the not-so-glamorous side of these seemingly helpful platforms.

The Maze of Reviews:

Imagine yourself standing in a room filled with fancy, state-of-the-art security camera systems, each claiming to be the ultimate protector for your cherished home. It's like being a kid in a candy store, surrounded by countless options. Overwhelming, isn't it? You might think that a comparison site can be your white knight, rescuing you from this dilemma. But remember, not everything that shines is gold.

Questionable Reviews:

Prepare for a revelation! Have you ever wondered if there are fraudulent representations, biased paid reviewers, or even bots behind those coveted five-star ratings? Yes, it's hard to believe, but it's an undeniable reality. You might unknowingly end up choosing a security camera system that has been excessively hyped.

Prepare for a revelation! It is hard to believe, but fraudulent representations, biased paid reviewers, and even bots contributing to coveted five-star ratings are an undeniable reality. Some reviews may not even come from individuals who have used the product. Additionally, certain websites may filter out negative feedback, creating an excessively positive image. Brands with deeper pockets may also manipulate the spotlight towards their products. Caution must be exercised while navigating this jungle of reviews. To gather more reliable and authentic opinions, consider exploring official product websites or specific topic forums.

  • Some comments may come from individuals who haven't even used the product.
  • Certain websites might filter out negative feedback, painting an excessively positive picture.
  • Brands with deeper pockets might manipulate the spotlight toward their products.

Therefore, it's essential to maintain caution while navigating through this jungle. Dive into the murkier waters of official product websites or specific topic forums to gather more reliable and authentic opinions.

Let's imagine a scenario: you're comparing two highly-rated cameras, one with a few less-than-ideal reviews. Initially, you might lean towards the one with only positive reviews. But what if those reviews are not genuine?

Business Interests at Play?

Now, brace yourself – some comparison sites might have financial ties with specific brands. Yes, they are financially intertwined. Now, brace yourself for a reality check.  Before falling for enchanting promotions, it is essential to adopt a detective-like stance, conducting thorough investigations and fact-checking every detail. Stay vigilant and question whether a specific camera system is glorified as the ultimate security solution due to financial motivations.

Are they exhibiting unfair bias towards a particular brand?

Is a specific camera system glorified as the ultimate security solution?

It's time for a reality check – there might be financial motivations behind the manipulation of rankings.

Best Security Camera Systems - Who Are They?

Let's take a closer look at the individuals behind these reviews. Are they business owners, homeowners, or simply paid writers?  I'm gonna share some of my notes, so bear with me.  I did tons of research.

Here are some of the top, and from what their writers say, best security camera system review sites and where you can find them and just a few notes I took when researching cameras.:

  • - This review site explores several different security camera lines for business, home, indoor, outdoor, and more.  This company seemed to like Lorex security cameras alot.  They also speak regarding wireless cameras. Unfortunately, CCTV Security Pros is not mentioned on this popular review website.  Anyway, they say these are the top picks:  CCTV Security Pros has some top picked security camera systems also.  Here are our best security camera systems.  Lorex and Swann security cameras seemed to be the only brands comparable with CCTV Security
  • Business News Daily - These guys seem to review a little of everything.  They reviewed outdoor surveillance systems for the business and home.
  • - Safewise is a great educational resource of security cameras and systems. Not positive but I believe they get a commission on sales.
  • Talks about cctv cameras and systems.  They actually have a lot of good information.  Learned alot from these guys.  They have this page called the Strategist and it speaks mainly to wireless security cameras.  The big companies with lots of advertising was recommended like Simply Safe and Blink.  I did not see any wired bullet or domes or PTZ cameras.  All the recommended camera systems were mainly systems that did not have many customizable options.
  • - They review security cameras - a wide range of indoor, outdoor, business and more.  Could not find who to contact when writing this article, or should I say, I never got a response.
  • -  Not positive who reviews these cameras and makes recommendations but they do recommend the large companies and I did not see any wired systems where I could choose from different styles of cameras.  THey were mainly "systems in a box." Personally, I think they should test CCTV Security Pros SureVision System.  I looked but could not find any info about SureVision.  Why not offer something for businesses of all sizes?
  • - Not sure if this is Forbes or independent publishers that do this one. 
  • NYTimes/Wirecutter - Wirecutter explores outdoor security camera systems and links to popular sites and marketplaces where consumers can buy recommended surveillance systems.  They have some real nice articles on outdoor security camera systems.  They mention companies like Arlo and Ring but those security cameras don't seem to be similar.  Not sure how a business would utilize "systems" like theirs.  I used Arlo and they were nice for  a small wireless security camera system, but not sure I would use for my business.  Nonetheless, I was not able to compare since I was looking for a wired security camera system.
  • - Offers several choices of a variety of security camera manufacturers and gadgets from Ring and Amazon 
  • PCMagazine - Many good articles on CCTV, CCTV Systems, the uses of CCTV, and CCTV for Business

These sites did offer some good information.  I have nothing agaist them.  I even tried to get in contact. But I am still not clear about who is actually using, testing, and rated the security cameras. The articles were good.  I did have trouble getting in contact with a live person to ask questions about the systems they offered.  However, one glaring point stood out while exploring these sites – a disclaimer of sorts: 

"We independently review everything we recommend. When you

buy through our links, we may earn a commission."

Final Thoughts

Before your trust in the internet plummets, let's clarify matters. Compare Security Camera Systems, like your eccentric aunt, can have their moments of brilliance. Occasionally, they might provide useful information. However, it's crucial to approach them with caution and a healthy dose of skepticism.

In this era of bustling digital shopping, being a smart navigator is far more valuable than aimlessly wandering. Cross-verify, cross-verify, and cross-verify again! You might be on the brink of finding your perfect match, just one thorough search away.

Stay alert and embark on an exhilarating quest for the ideal security camera system. Avoid making hasty decisions that could lead to potential disasters.

Meanwhile, allow me to share a hidden gem that I stumbled upon during my latest internet exploration – 

CCTV Security Pros: They are not your ordinary security providers. They offer high-quality products, excellent service, a 3-year warranty, a money-back guarantee, and a seamless experience. Moreover, their website is brimming with authentic customer reviews. I did find something I liked as well.  CCTV Security Pros has Google Reviews and guess what, they are not bad for an electronic product.  They were rated a 4.8 by Google.

Personally, I opted for CCTV Security Pros SureVision IP Line, and here is my concise product review: 

"Awesome" (and no, I did not earn a commission - I just happen to be a blog writer, but maybe CCTV Security Pros will give me a free security camera or hard drive next time I order!)

I had to return 2 inferior systems to their competitors I found from the comparison "best security camera" sites. I picked up a 64 camera system for my business and I am extremely happy.  

I liked that they had a helpful and responsive support team based in the USA.  I like their knowledge base and CCTV Security Pros System You Tube Videos. They seemed to really care about customer satisfaction when I called them.  I like that they backed their systems with an unconditional money back satisfaction guarantee, and most importantly I loved all the AI analytic features for my business.  If you want something good it is sometimes worth to pay a little more.  My business is worth it!  Is yours?

-- Dear readers, remember these pivotal factors.  I know I gave you a lot of information to consider: Be curious, question everything, and prioritize your safety. Be street-smart, challenge the status quo, and keep an open mind. Who knows? You might discover your ideal security camera system in the most unexpected corners. Here's to finding a security system that will make your home as impenetrable as a fortress while providing the comfort of your favorite chair. Happy hunting!

I will end this with a really cool video of something I use a lot:

And here is an example of one of the videos I watched on You Tube.  They show some nice examples of video and audio surveillance.  Again, I did not see any wired commercial grade systems like I did at CCTV Security Pros.  I think they gave good reviews, but the cameras were more like gadgets than a professional commercial system.  There were some brand names like Google but the others did not seem to have many options like the ones I see on the CCTV Security Pros website.  I am not sure if these cameras charge monthly fees or how they store the video without paying an arm and a leg.  I did not want a cloud subscription and I am worried about privacy.  A standalone was the best solution for me.  I believe another good review video is on CNET security camera reviews.