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5 Ways Web Security Cameras Make Your Property Safer

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jul 7, 2020

Exterior of a warehouse being monitored by security cameras

Video surveillance systems have been an essential part of secure properties for decades. Traditionally they’re analog cameras that need to be constantly monitored. But that’s far from the case today.

Web security camera systems are particularly potent security measures. They enable you to view live or recorded footage from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. They can also be programmed to send push notifications if activity is detected at a time and place it wouldn’t normally be expected.

It’s always good to know what’s happening inside and outside your property at any given time, and web security cameras not only provide that service, but can help bring peace of mind along with it. Here are just a few of the ways web or IP security cameras make your property safer:

Visual Crime Deterrent

One of the best things about web surveillance camera systems is that just putting them up can help to deter criminal activity. Web security cameras will not stop determined thieves from stealing, breaking in, or damaging property, but you’ll see it happen and can hold the perpetrators accountable.

Criminals know that being recorded significantly increases the chances of being caught. They will weigh the risks when they see security cameras on a property. Because there are so many points of entry, in say, a small business, it’s wise to have multiple security cameras around your property. Burglars mostly look for blind spots as they’re easy targets for them to take advantage of.

  • Have a security camera at the front door and back entrance
  • Install cameras in critical areas like parking lots, garages, and front-desk areas for businesses
  • Choose the right internet-based camera system for indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Ensure your outdoor security cameras are vandal-proof and weatherproof

Installing web security cameras in strategic places around your property makes it safer and enables you to watch video footage from anywhere and be alerted if anything unusual happens.

Instant Alerts from Security Events

Security is a huge concern for both business owners and homeowners, especially when they’re away from their property. With a video surveillance system, you can easily know when something happens around your property. Today, most IP security cameras come with advanced features such as motion detection sensors, alert systems, and audio recording capability.

With web security cameras, you can know when something happens through surveillance alerts and notifications via email or phone when a sensor is triggered. You can also monitor your security cameras at any time and from any location to see what is happening inside and outside your property. Remote surveillance lets you catch a problem as soon as it happens.

Security Cameras Record Actual Crimes

Crimes happen every day, and any of us can be a victim. If you’ve secured your property with a web surveillance camera system covering all the critical areas and angles, you can easily capture images and video evidence of any crime or trouble inside your home, business, or other property. Recording actual crimes as they happen is vital.

Whether someone damages property or does anything else illegal and unwarranted, you can get justice more quickly with footage of the incident. Police can use your web security camera footage as evidence for identifying suspects, analyzing an incident, or proving a criminal case in court.

No matter the type of crime or incident that happens in your property, such as someone vandalizing your car in the parking lot, or workers stealing from you, you’ll be able to see who it is, what exactly they did, and do what you need to get justice. If you think scenarios like these can never happen to you, you aren’t alone. Most people believe they will not be the victim of a crime, until it actually happens.

Watching Over Those Who Matter

Web security cameras are very popular for home surveillance. If you care about your family, kids, elderly parents, and the safety of everyone else in your home, you can use security cameras to keep an eye on them and ensure they’re safe. This is great for those who need extra supervision such as kids, nannies caring for kids, elderly parents, and pets.

With the remote surveillance functionality that comes with internet-based camera systems, you can monitor your home when you’re away to make sure of things like kids getting off the bus when they should, staying in areas they should be, and playing safely in the backyard. Remote monitoring can help you keep them safer. When installing security cameras, be sure you are aware of surveillance laws.

Video Surveillance Makes Employees Feel Safer

Businesses and other properties can also benefit significantly from the presence of web security cameras. With a video surveillance system around your workplace, your employees and clients can feel much safer, especially when it’s combined with an alarm system. For most companies, having security cameras may also be necessary to maintain HIPAA and CJIS compliance.

Birds eye view of employees working in an office

Security surveillance shows that you care about the safety of your property and the people who enter your business premises. An IP security system can also help you deter theft by employees, which can save thousands of dollars annually. You also get to protect your business against theft, vandalism, and intrusion by installing cameras in high-traffic areas.

Protect Your Property With Professional-Grade Security Cameras

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