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Ceiling-Mounted Security Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Dec 1, 2020

ceiling-mounted security cameras

Ceilings provide an excellent vantage to security cameras. Whether you want to monitor your front door, stockroom, point of sale locations, or offices, ceiling-mounted security cameras provide an extended view of any indoor or outdoor space. They can be mounted at various ceiling positions depending on your surveillance monitoring needs and property layout.

While dome security cameras are the primary choice for ceiling installations, ceiling security cameras don’t necessarily mean dome cameras every time, thanks to a number of security camera ceiling-mounting options. It’s critical to understand the features to look out for so you can easily install the ceiling cameras of your choice. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Must-Have Features for Ceiling-Mounted Security Cameras

While different types of cameras can be mounted on the ceiling, several do their job better than others. These include dome and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) security cameras and mounted infrared bullet security cameras for large enclosed spaces. Here are the must-have features for any suitable ceiling CCTV camera.

HD Recording With Optical Zoom Capability

The average ceiling height in homes is 8-10 ft, while businesses often reach up to 16-20 feet. Both situations mean you have to choose high-definition security cameras that can produce the best quality images and video footage so you can clearly identify details. Choose 1080p HD or 4K Ultra HD ceiling-mounted security cameras with optical zoom capability.

These security cameras will ensure you have no worries about image quality, despite the ceiling height. Optical zooming makes it easy to see people’s faces and other smaller details when you zoom in the picture without losing overall image quality.

Vandal-Proof and Weatherproof Design

Like many outdoor security cameras, ceiling surveillance cameras are often installed under the eaves to monitor front doors and other entry points. The cameras are vulnerable to weather and vandalism. Ensure your ceiling-mounted security cameras are vandal-proof and weatherproof for maximum protection against vandalism and damage from both dust and water. Check for IP66 and IK10 ratings.

Infrared Night Vision

If you want reliable surveillance monitoring day and night, you’ll need to choose ceiling-mounted cameras with infrared night vision. That is vital for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Look for cameras with long-range night vision capability to see 100ft or more in complete darkness. The latest 4K security cameras and systems also feature color night vision for even better night surveillance.

Compact Size and Translucent Housing

One of the biggest issues for many homeowners and businesses when installing ceiling security cameras is their impact on the interior or outdoor space aesthetics. That’s why most people opt for compact-size ceiling-mounted dome or PTZ security cameras with translucent housing and fashionable designs that easily blend in with their surroundings.

Simple Installation and Configuration

Installing security cameras on the ceiling isn’t easy. However, you can make it easier by choosing PoE surveillance cameras for commercial use. Wired solutions have a more stable signal and are less vulnerable to interference from other devices. IP PoE security cameras only need a single cable, offering simple plug-and-play installation for your ceiling mounting needs.

On the other hand, wireless security cameras are ideal for home use, where you have a reliable WiFi connection. These cameras also offer a one-cable solution for ceiling installations - you’ll need to connect the camera to a power outlet or use battery-powered cameras. Ceiling-mounted security cameras with adjustable viewing angles such as PTZ lenses are a great solution.

Installing Your Ceiling-Mounted Surveillance Cameras

ceiling security camera

For low ceiling installations, you’ll need to connect your PoE security cameras to a Network Video Recorder, wireless security cameras to a power outlet, and mount wire-free cameras anywhere in your ceiling. Consider suspending your cameras from a conduit or a horizontal beam to ensure high-quality images and wide surveillance coverage for high ceilings.

Buy Ceiling-Mounted Surveillance Cameras

With the knowledge above, you can now choose the right ceiling-mounted security cameras for your needs. Remember that wide-angle security cameras are the best option for ceilings. If you’re looking to upgrade your indoor or outdoor ceiling-mounted CCTV cameras for your business, home, or other property, consider CCTV Security Pros.

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