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Easy Business Security Cameras With Remote Viewing

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Nov 10, 2018

Business security camera sytems

Building and maintaining a successful business takes time and hard work. Securing it from would-be criminals and other risks like internal theft shouldn’t be as difficult. Whether you own a single storefront, multiple retail stores across the country, or warehouses across the globe, investing in a commercial-grade wireless security camera system with remote viewing should be a top priority. Reward yourself with peace of mind by installing the best surveillance solutions on the market to suit your business security needs.

Today’s security cameras come with a wide range of features. One of the essential features to look for in any business security camera system is remote viewing capability, and you can enjoy this service at no monthly cost from the right supplier. Features like infrared night vision, wireless compatibility, wide-angle viewing, HD recording, weatherproof design, and storage capacity are also critical. Remote viewing enables business owners to watch live events and record surveillance videos from anywhere, anytime, and from a wide array of devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

If you’re in the market looking for the best security camera system for remote viewing, here’s a simple guide to help you make the right choices:

Wireless Security Cameras With Smartphone Remote Viewing

Imagine this - your wireless security camera system with remote viewing has detected motion in your storefront, parking lot, or back alley. An alert from the security cameras pops up on your phone while you’re away from your business or on a trip. Your next step is to click in to see what is happening at your business premises. That’s how security cameras connected to your smartphone work. For business owners, investing in security cameras that allow you to be aware of anything that happens in and around your business when on the move is a great thing.

How Do They Work?

To get your wireless security cameras linked to your smartphone and see what’s going on out there, you need the right business security cameras or systems and a surveillance app for your phone (Android or iOS System). The remote viewing feature will allow you to see live videos on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want. Just be sure that the wireless security camera system you buy with remote viewing is compatible with your specific phone operating system and model.

Getting the Connection Right

To connect your security cameras with your phone, all you have to do is:

  • Install the wireless security camera phone app on your smartphone
  • Launch the phone app and add your wireless security cameras
  • Click the security cameras linked to your phone and enjoy live video surveillance viewing
  • Set necessary security configurations like alert frequency, upload path, and motion detection mode to meet your specific business monitoring needs

When choosing the best business security camera system for smartphone remote viewing, make sure the phone app is simple to use so you can enjoy a superior remote viewing experience. Also, consider features like image quality for easy identification of human faces and license plates, excellent night vision for constant surveillance even in the dark, two-way audio capability for improved threat protection, and network reliability for the best performance.

Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

Complete surveillance coverage is one of the most vital security aspects of any business. Investing in a wireless business security camera system with remote viewing is not just about getting the best one you can afford. Whether you’re concerned about theft while you’re away or want to monitor employees in open working areas, installing a comprehensive HD security system can help you monitor important areas with fewer worries in mind. Most indoor/outdoor business security cameras come with a waterproof and vandal proof design that suits all types of outdoor environments perfectly.

Wireless Security Cameras

With wireless cameras, you get to enjoy a faster installation process of your entire system. To ensure your remote video cameras offer the best protection for your business, excellent night vision, and high definition video recording are essential. The better the resolution is, the more helpful the captured surveillance image will be in catching culprits. Outdoor HD wireless security camera systems with remote viewing give you that extra set of eyes you need to monitor large outdoor areas with ease.

PTZ Security Cameras

If you’re looking for wider remote viewing of security cameras, you should opt for indoor and outdoor pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security cameras. You can choose between POE cameras that only require one cable for both power and data transmission or the more convenient wireless remote security cameras that you can view on any internet-enabled device. PTZ cameras allow you to monitor large areas with a single business security camera. With a simple tap of a button, you can remotely control your camera (s) from anywhere in the world.

With rapid panning, tilt speeds, and continuous all-direction rotation, a PTZ wireless security camera system with remote viewing makes it possible to quickly move and focus the cameras on different objects or people in a surveillance scene. The optical zoom feature allows you to focus on finer details like faces and license plates. You can fully customize the settings of each PTZ camera to maximize your coverage area. With the best security camera system for remote viewing, you get to enjoy additional features like color night vision and ultra HD 4K recording that takes your live surveillance monitoring to the next level.

Buy Complete Remote Video Surveillance Systems

wireless remote surveillance cameras

Every business has its own unique security needs. For instance, a large retailer with multiple stores will most likely need a robust wireless security camera system with superior HD remote viewing and recording features that enable easy monitoring of the movement of customers in and out of their retail space, while a major product supplier will need wide-angle PTZ cameras that monitor huge inventory storage spaces like warehouses. Whether you’re a small or large business, you can easily find the right business security camera systems to suit your needs.

At CCTV Security Pros, we bring you complete security surveillance systems that come with everything you need for reliable and effective monitoring, including single or multiple security cameras, VNR or DVR recorders, cables, and connectors among others. Our security camera systems are simple to set up and use and come with a range of advanced security features, in a simple and convenient design. Browse our variety of complete digital IP, analog, and wireless business security systems to find the best fit for your business.

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