Our new High Definition Security Camera Systems enable our customers to achieve a Superior Digital High Definition Solution over Standard Coaxial Cables.  Using the Standard RG-59 Power/Video Coax Cables, you can now experience much better quality compared to older standard BNC analog cameras.  Instead of using standard, average high resolution cameras, you can easily upgrade to high definition, digital, megapixel clarity with our new HD Line of HD Security Cameras. Already have older RG-59 Power Video Cables installed?  Simply change out your DVR Recorder and Cameras to take advantage of the best definition available over standard coax cable. 

Easily watch your cameras live and even REVIEW past video on your PC, Cell Phone, or Tablet.  Simply plug in the coax power/video cable from the back of the DVR to your modem or router, follow a few simply steps and view and review your video ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and ANYPLACE. There are no additional monthly fees to view online.  Set your cameras on Motion Recording, 24/7 Recording, or on a Schedule to make review simple and easy. Simply download important video evidence by time and date to a USB thumb drive. 

All of our HD  Security Camera Systems come with everything needed for "Turnkey" installation. We back our HD Systems with a 2 Year Warranty, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Unlimited USA Support. Whether you have a question when setting up motion detection, or connecting your system to your cell phone or techs are just a phone call away with a solution.  


Whether installing a new system, or upgrading from an older outdated system, look no further then our New HD Security Camera System line.  

 High Definition Over Coax Cable advantages include:

  • True High Definition Megapixel Video of Up to 1080p Resolution
  • Live Remote Viewing on PC, Phones, Tablets, and More
  • EASY Plug and Play INSTALLATION with Standard BNC Connections
  • Exceptional ZOOM IN Capabilities Live and Upon Review
  • Install and Control Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras with only One Cable
  • Supports your older Standard CCTV Cameras while upgrading to newer HD technology


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