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High Definition Over Coaxial Cable

CCTV Security Pros services two main types of surveillance systems. These HD camera systems operate over coaxial cable. The other type, internet protocol (IP) cameras operate over CAT5/6 cable, or wirelessly.

There are benefits to each, and you can get access to advanced features with both types using systems by CCTV Security Pros.

The Exclusive Benefits of HD Cameras

  • Many buildings are already wired with coaxial cable
  • Upgrading can be as simple as switching out a camera or recorder
  • Coaxial camera cable (RG-59) can transmit footage over 500 feet
  • HD Over Coax systems are less expensive than IP systems

Benefits of All CCTV Security Pros Systems

  • Free remote viewing via smartphone, tablet, & computer
  • Plug & play simple installation that can save you thousands
  • Unlimited USA-based support for troubleshooting and installation
  • Superior customization for a system that’s just right for your property

Complete Systems By Number of Cameras:

Complete HD coax camera packages include the security cameras, recorder, and all the parts you need for installation. You can order these turnkey surveillance solutions online, or reach out to us for consultation and customization. We’ll help you create an HD camera system with all the components your property needs for cost-effective comprehensive coverage.

All surveillance systems are backed by a 3-year warranty, money-back satisfaction guarantee, and free unlimited USA support.

Talk to the Experts on NDAA-Compliant Security Cameras

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All CCTV Security Pros cameras are supported by a 100% money-back guarantee, a three-year warranty, and free USA-based support.

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