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Finding the Best Retail Security Camera System

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Nov 3, 2020

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Retail businesses are constantly challenged by shrinkage. Inventory loss to mismanagement, or theft by customers and employees costs the industry billions of dollars every year. A comprehensive retail security camera system is paramount to catching instances of shrinkage, granting owners and managers far greater visibility over what happens on-location.

With the range of retail spaces out there and the extensive variety of security cameras to cover them, the first step in finding the best retail security camera system is to determine the needs of your location. Is your building already wired with coax cable for HD-over-Coax security systems, or would the CAT5 Ethernet cabling of IP camera systems make the most sense? Do your needs warrant the super-fine detail delivered by 4K security camera systems, or would 2K and HD systems be just fine?

These are a few of the details to consider when choosing retail security cameras. Take a look at the breakdown of the top features below, or reach out to a surveillance expert here at CCTV Security Pros for help personalizing the ideal system for your location. Call us at 888.653.2288 weekdays 9am - 6pm PST or contact us online.

Top Aspects of Retail Security Cameras

Video Resolution

When it comes to securing retail stores, you typically want the best video resolution. The higher the video resolution, the better the detail. 4K (3840 × 2160) video is made with four times the number of pixels as HD (1920 × 1080) video. This can help you make out fine details like faces and license plates at far greater distances.

Most 4K cameras work over internet protocol systems. These use a single CAT5 Ethernet cable to transmit power and video, making setup as simple as plug & play. IP security systems are the preferred option for retail stores because they offer superior image resolution, large fields of vision, video analytics with mobile notifications, and automatic motion recording.

Reliable Day and Night Functionality

When buying security camera systems for retail stores, you need to ensure they can provide dependable day and night surveillance. Ensure that your cameras feature long-range infrared night vision capability. That ensures clear surveillance footage in total darkness and low-light conditions.

Reliable surveillance in any lighting conditions means that you won’t have to pay to keep your store lit 24/7 just to give your cameras a good view. They also help to monitor parking lots and side/back entryways at all times of the day and night.

Weatherproof and Vandal-Proof Housing

When setting up the best retail security camera system, you’ll need to install indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. Indoor cameras will help you keep an eye on daily operations inside the store and monitor employees and customers. Outdoor cameras help to deter crime right at the parking lot, and help protect you from liability when criminal activity happens on your premises.

Installing security cameras for retail stores with IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating and vandal-proof housing is highly recommended to ensure seamless remote video monitoring regardless of weather conditions and added camera protection against potential vandalism.

Security Camera Body Style

There are a few main options for the appearance of your camera. Dome security cameras are often best suited for retail environments where discreet and aesthetic recording is preferred. They’re more compact, and feature a sleek design to help them blend in with retail spaces.

outdoor security camera

While dome cameras are more discreet, bullet security cameras are better at deterrence. Owners searching for security cameras for retail stores will often choose bullet cameras at their entry points, then dome cameras inside their store.

Aesthetics are important, but don’t neglect the right video surveillance features for your retail security and monitoring needs.

Source the Best Retail Security Camera Systems

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