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How to Power Security Cameras

Dec 3, 2021

security camera at an entrance

Power wires and cabling is an important part of your security camera installation. The accessibility of power outlets or Ethernet connections may affect the configuration of your system or even the type of system you choose for your property. Here we’ll cover how to power security cameras of different types.

There are two main types of security cameras: Internet Protocol (IP) cameras powered over Ethernet cables and HD-over-Coax cameras powered with DC power cable. Here we’ll cover camera power supply options so that you can make an informed decision about which type of security camera setup would work best for your needs.

IP Security Cameras

IP security camera systems deliver power through the same cable as their video in a technology called Power over Ethernet (PoE). Power over Ethernet makes IP cameras far easier to install compared to older analog systems, which need an additional power cable for each camera. So if you're determining how to power your security cameras, now you know that IP cameras can be powered using Power over Ethernet.

Note: The latest IP security cameras with high resolutions of up to 4K Ultra HD need a high-speed internet connection to be able to transmit a live feed at their full resolution.

Non-IP or HD-over-Coax Security Cameras

Non-IP security systems may use a power supply adapter. HD-over-Coax cameras have long been the standard for the industry. HD-over-Coax cameras and analog security cameras use coaxial cables to send high-definition video from the cameras to a DVR and use AC power, so you need to run another power cable to supply them with power.

They use standard RG59 coaxial cable, which is how they send signals over long distances and through walls. For every security camera that you have in your surveillance system, you’ll need to run a power cable to each unit. This can be inconvenient when you have multiple cameras to install and a large area to monitor.

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