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How to Set Up a Comprehensive Security Camera Monitoring System

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jul 16, 2018

                                 Two outdoor security cameras mounted to a brick wall

A security camera system is a critical tool for businesses and property owners to deter crime and other nefarious activity. But surveillance systems must be comprehensive in providing the right camera coverage and providing remote security monitoring in order to be effective.

These steps can help you prepare your system to be ready when you need it and deliver the best results.

Identify Your Security Needs

Determine what your potential security threats are depending on where you want to install your cameras. If you’re going to install cameras in your home, are there any vulnerable areas? If you want to upgrade your business surveillance system, have you considered remote security monitoring? These should be some of your primary considerations:

  • If Surveillance is needed on a schedule, or 24/7
  • Coverage of entry and exit points
  • Poorly-lit areas on the premises
  • Possible theft both internal and external
  • The necessity of remote viewing
  • The location of valuable items
  • The location of valuable intellectual property

Understanding your security needs and risks will help you design a security camera monitoring system that addresses your individual needs.

Understand Basic Security Camera Capabilities

Before you set up a security system, understand the capabilities of the security cameras you choose. Consider factors like the camera lens size, the viewing angle, the storage capacity provided with the recorder, night vision capabilities, vandal proof or weatherproof capabilities, video resolution and of ease of installation and use.

If you want to view a specific area at different angles, a fixed lens camera will not allow you to do that. You need a camera with an adjustable and motorized lens that you can pan, tilt and zoom for better viewing at different angles and distances. For clear surveillance, both indoors and outdoors during the day and at night, choose a long-range infrared night vision camera. Understanding security camera capabilities will help you set up the perfect monitoring system to meet your needs.

Remote Security Monitoring

The ability to monitor the video feed of your security cameras through your smartphone is a tremendously valuable and convenient asset. You can view live or recorded footage and control your cameras from anywhere and at any time.

You should never pay a monthly fee for this! These advanced capabilities are available at no monthly cost from CCTV Security Pros, and all surveillance systems we carry come with this feature.

Camera Surveillance Technology

There are three main technologies that security camera monitoring systems operate over. Analog and HD-CVI both operate over coax cable, and the newest IP network cameras operate over Ethernet cable.

HD and IP cameras provide a much high-resolution, up to 1080p and even ultra-HD 4K that delivers enhanced image clarity and video footage. This makes it possible to zoom in digitally while still retaining the level of quality needed to identify subjects and details like car license plates. See our complete guide on choosing the right system.

Determine Appropriate Camera Placement

Before you can install your security camera monitoring system, take your time figuring out the best location to place your cameras for the best coverage. Most businesses and homeowners will install cameras in these locations:

  • Reception areas
  • Building entrances and exits
  • Living rooms, kids playing areas, basements, front doors, backyards and perimeters
  • Production lines, warehouses and loading docks
  • Walkways, parking lots and garages
  • Storefronts
  • Business offices
  • Secluded areas

The right camera placement plays a huge role in how effective your security camera monitoring system will be. Additionally, where you place your cameras will depend on the topography of your property. While most outdoor cameras now come with night vision capability, having support lighting, such as an LED lamp where you install your cameras can help improve color definition.

Ensure Proper Setup

Ensuring proper setup of your security cameras or system is crucial if you want to get the best out of your investment. If you do it wrong, you may find that your security system isn’t adequately meeting your needs or providing you with the best level of protection you expected. It’s easy to make some of these common mistakes:

  • Improper camera placement without a clear line of view of the monitored area
  • Limited surveillance monitoring in high-risk areas like backyards
  • Cameras located in areas with weak wireless configuration or WiFi connection
  • Weak or no password protection to prevent potential hacking by cybercriminals
  • Neglecting to install remote viewing software. Systems can’t be controlled or monitored remotely until this is done.

To avoid such mistakes, working with the right surveillance solutions company is critical. Find out more about setting up your security system by visiting our learning center at CCTV Security Pros. We help you select, customize and set up a comprehensive security camera monitoring system. We strive to bring you cutting-edge surveillance products backed by our free USA installation and technical support. Talk to us at 888.653.2288 today.

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