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Plug-In Security Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Dec 1, 2020

 plug-in outdoor security camera

When it comes to buying security cameras for your business or home, the first question that often comes to mind is: what type of security camera do I need? The answer depends on the level of security you want. But before you buy security cameras, you still have to decide between wireless and plug-in security cameras for indoor or outdoor surveillance monitoring.

Since there are many factors to consider when choosing CCTV cameras, we’ve created this guide to help you better understand the plug and play security cameras and systems available.

What’s a Plug-in Security Camera?

A plug-in camera or simply plug-and-play security camera automatically configures itself when connected to a surveillance network. Each camera only requires a single Ethernet cable to connect it to a network video recorder (NVR), making for a simple plug-in solution with straightforward set-up and installation.

These digital plug-in security cameras are the most technologically advanced. They capture video (and audio when available) and then process the data for quick network transmission to the network video recorder (NVR) or cloud storage in the case of wireless cameras. These cameras come with a wide range of features, making them the ultimate solution for commercial-grade surveillance for businesses and other properties.

Features include infrared night vision capability of 100 feet or more, 1080 HD to 4K Ultra HD video resolution, wide-angle viewing, wide dynamic range, long-range zooming, motion detection, and weatherproof and vandal-proof housing for uninterrupted indoor and outdoor surveillance.

How Plug-in Security Cameras Work

To understand how plug-in security cameras work, you need to understand two main points:

  • You only need to plug the ethernet cable connected to the security camera into the PoE port of the NVR. Then, the plug-and-play IP security camera will start working by recording or detecting motion.
  • However, you have to do some configuration to access the camera’s video footage via your PC, smartphone, or tablet for you to enjoy live remote viewing of the security cameras. The best security camera companies offer a detailed manual with full-color photos, as well as free apps and software so you can enjoy unlimited surveillance at no monthly cost.

All IP security cameras by CCTV Security Pros, including wireless and PoE IP cameras, are plug-in security cameras since they start working after powering them up. An exception is the battery-powered security cameras that don’t need any cabling to work.

Why Should You Opt for Plug-and-Play Security Cameras?

Some of the reasons businesses and homeowners widely use plug-and-play security cameras and systems are their straightforward setup process, easy configuration, and high-quality footage.

  • Simple Plug-and-Play Installation

Plug-in CCTV cameras provide the flexibility you need to complete the installation quickly, with only a single cable required. These cameras include plug-and-play wired or wireless security cameras that use one cable for power and video. These power over Ethernet (PoE) plug-in security cameras use the same Ethernet cable that computers use for internet access. Simply plug-in these cameras to a network video recorder (NVR) and you’re good to go.

  • Simple Security Camera Configuration

Installing plug-in CCTV cameras should not be challenging when you buy your security cameras and systems from the right company. CCTV Security Pros, a leading direct supplier of commercial-grade security cameras, systems, and equipment, makes setup easy by scanning a QR code on each camera.

easy setup on a laptop

After connecting all of your plug-in cameras, you can start enjoying remote viewing of live video footage via your PC, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere, anytime, at no monthly cost.

  • High-Quality Surveillance Option

PoE plug-in security cameras and systems are the most advanced surveillance options for businesses and homes today. You can easily shop security systems by the number of cameras, from 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 36 to even 64 camera systems to suit your property surveillance needs. Whatever your application, it’s easy to find professional-grade plug-and-play security cameras and systems with superior features for reliable indoor and outdoor surveillance.

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Many customers prefer IP plug-in surveillance systems for their simple installation and broad selection. If you’re upgrading from older analog systems, consider HD-Over-Coax security systems to take advantage of pre-wired coaxial cabling.

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