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Security Cameras that Don't Require WiFi or Internet Access

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Aug 8, 2019

a security camera that does not require internet

Wireless security cameras that work over WiFi or Bluetooth are popular these days, but there is a reason that the vast majority of businesses use security cameras that are wired in. These systems are more reliable and accessible. They rarely lose connection and don’t require regular battery replacement. Here, we’ll cover the benefits of security cameras without wifi connectivity.

HD-Over-Coax Security Cameras

HD-over-coax security cameras do not require the internet, and are built on time-tested technology, but with modern features. Camera systems of this type work perfectly fine offline, but models by CCTV Security Pros can still be connected to provide remote viewing via smartphones, tablets, and computers at no monthly cost.

When shopping for surveillance cameras without internet connectivity, the right resolution should be one of your first considerations. For instance, high-resolution cameras will allow you to view more details like facial features and license plates. HD-over-coax technology offers high-resolution video and enhanced security monitoring at an affordable price. This technology can transmit video up to 4K quality over coax cables.

HD-over-coax makes it easy to enjoy high definition surveillance without the need to upgrade entirely to digital surveillance equipment. If you’re looking for security cameras without wifi, this technology is the perfect pick. The video, audio, and data signals are carried in a single cable and transmitted over longer distances with less signal distortion.

Why Choose HD-Over-Coax Security Cameras?

Most offices and other residential and commercial properties with previous surveillance installations are already hardwired for HD-over-coax technology. Upgrading from analog systems to an HD-quality system that only requires power, a digital video recorder, and a connected monitor to view, record, and playback surveillance footage without internet access is a breeze. This means you can enjoy live footage with no monthly fees.

The benefits of HD-over-coax security cameras without internet:

  • Easy to upgrade from analog 
  • Less expensive than IP cameras 
  • Available in 720p - 4K video quality
  • Transmit surveillance footage over 500ft 
  • Compatible with pan-tilt-zoom cameras 
  • Less hard drive storage is needed

If you don’t want the full capability of a digital system that requires internet access, adding a new HD security camera that does not require internet is a great way to save money and time. HD-over-coax security cameras are a worthwhile option for those that want to upgrade to an HD solution that can work without the internet while also providing the full capability of an integrated commercial-grade surveillance system.

Performance is What Matters Most

There are many types of security cameras without wifi. Cellular security cameras, for instance, rely on cellular networks - 3G/4G LTE/5G network to transmit video signals and data and can be used in remote areas to enjoy remote access, motion detection, and other smart surveillance features. IP surveillance cameras can also work without an internet connection.

a security camera with screen

So long as the cameras are connected to the recorder with ethernet cables, you can monitor your properties seamlessly on a monitor or an HDTV. If you require more security, hardwiring security cameras in those critical locations is highly recommended. This type of setup cannot be hacked. HD-over-coax technology relies on this type of setup and works perfectly for anyone who’s looking for a security camera without wifi.

Install Commercial-Grade Security Camera Systems

When choosing security cameras or complete surveillance systems, you want the best with the latest surveillance technology and top-quality components. If you’re looking for surveillance cameras that deliver superior video quality without internet access, HD-over-coax security cameras offer a reliable solution.

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