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Security Cameras with Remote Viewing: Watch Live Footage

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Jul 2, 2018

Watch Live Footage on CCTV Security Camera System

Recent developments in security camera technology have created the possibility to easily view surveillance camera footage from PCs, smartphones, tablets and other internet-enabled devices. With this feature, you can view live or remote footage, control your camera, set a recording schedule, or even receive push notifications of detected motion.

DO NOT pay a monthly fee for this! You can get all the same capabilities with a system by CCTV Security Pros as you can with any system that charges monthly. These are the features of remote viewing security cameras to look out for.

High Definition Features

The image quality of the security cameras linked to your devices is a prominent factor in your viewing experience. Going for cameras that offer 1080p HD or even ultra HD 4K resolution will better enable you to make out fine details. You can also use optical or digital zoom as you watch live security camera footage for a closer look.

With high definition (HD) security cameras, you can clearly see the facial expressions of your loved ones at home, zoom in further to see details like license plates, and even get to monitor large areas like your commercial business space.

Infrared Night Vision

Night vision capabilities, such as in infrared bullet cameras, is becoming a surveillance camera standard. Built-in infrared illuminators activate automatically for a clear picture for hundreds of feet in complete darkness. Remotely viewing your infrared security cameras gives you effective night vision over your property.

Many companies have a policy of running lights in their buildings 24/7 so that their cameras can always get a clear picture. This isn’t necessary with infrared cameras, and can potentially save your business substantially on lighting costs.

Easy Security Camera Software & App Navigation

Remote viewing can only be effective and reliable if the security camera monitoring software and smartphone apps are easy to understand, navigate and use. Easy operation on a PC or smartphone (Android or iPhone) app can save you a great deal of stress.

Simply follow provided instructions for remote viewing on laptop or desktop, or remote viewing on smartphone or tablet. Then you’ll be able to watch live security camera footage anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Motion Detection With Specified Area Settings

One of the most important aspects of owning a surveillance system in your home or business is staying informed with all that’s happening around your cameras. For peace of mind, make sure your security cameras come with motion detection features, push notifications, and alerts. You can also use remote viewing of your security camera system to follow up on the alerts you see.

Any movement that is detected by your security cameras in a specified area will be recorded. This feature also ensures that you’re notified immediately via email or phone. The detection area can be customized to fit your needs and also minimize any false alarms. For instance, you can set your cameras to detect motion in one area - say a door or a window.

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The ability to remotely view and manage your security cameras or system from anywhere, anyplace and at any time is one of the most powerful features in any professional-grade security solution. At CCTV Security Pros, we provide a wide range of security cameras and systems with remote viewing to suit your needs. Shop analog, HD Over Coax, and Network IP systems at our online store.

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