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The Best Remote Security Camera Without a Subscription

Mar 9, 2023

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One of the best features of modern security cameras is that you can view live or recorded footage right from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. The majority of security providers that offer this feature charge high monthly subscription fees, but some of the best provide remote viewing through convenient apps and software absolutely free.

Read on for our feature breakdown for what makes the best security camera without subscriptions, or contact CCTV Security Pros to talk with an expert about how you can get cameras with free remote viewing and no subscription at your property.

What Do Monthly Fees Cover? 

The fees charged by many security providers may cover professional monitoring of your surveillance system. In this case, providers pay their staff to watch these cameras and contact the authorities in the event of an emergency. If that’s the service you want, make sure that’s what you’re actually paying for. This service is not provided by CCTV Security Pros.

The fees charged by other providers may be for the benefit of access to remote viewing via smartphone, or automatic alerts such as push notifications to your phone. But watch out! Unless your security provider is staffing virtual security guards to monitor your cameras, you can get the same benefits absolutely free at CCTV Security Pros, making our equipment the best security cameras without subscriptions.

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Benefits of a Remote Security Camera Without a Subscription

The best security cameras without subscription fees can still enable you to enjoy high-end surveillance and all the top features. These commercial-grade camera systems are outstanding options for any property owner.

In addition to the features, freedom from a subscription means freedom from a security contract. A contract could keep you on the hook to pay for expensive fees month after month. Some providers may also charge thousands of dollars for installation, when you could easily install a plug & play system yourself.

Top benefits of security cameras with no subscription:

  • Save money over monthly fees 
  • Stay out of expensive contracts
  • Easy DIY installation - saving you thousands of dollars
  • Customize your security system - easily add or move cameras

Consider These Factors Before Buying Your Security Camera

Before you buy a security camera with no subscription, consider the features that best suit your needs. Whether you want to monitor your home, office, or business while you're away, there are several things to consider. You're not just choosing the best security cameras without subscriptions, this is an investment that can enhance how you manage your property.

  • What's the camera resolution? Cameras with higher resolutions like 1080p and 4K Ultra HD will be able to zoom in on an image much more clearly, and they'll have greater detail than one that has a lower resolution
  • Can the camera pan and tilt not just side to side but up and down as well? PTZ CCTV cameras are able to pan and tilt, which means you can follow a subject of interest in your footage
  • What's the night vision range? If you need a security camera with infrared lights but want to maintain some visibility during nighttime hours, make sure the camera has at least 65 feet of night vision. 
  • Do you need it for outdoor or indoor use? This is important to consider if you'll be placing the camera outside or in an area that may experience a lot of moisture.
  • What types of features does it offer, such as video recording, motion detection, smart alerts? Check the features of the best security camera without subscription you can find
  • What are the different types of security cameras available: wired, wireless, dome, infrared, professional box, hidden cameras? What is the best type of camera for you?

Once you've considered these factors, buying a security camera without a subscription becomes much easier. You're in a better position to know what features you need and how to best determine the type of security camera that will work for your home or business.

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Find Security Cameras With No Monthly Fees at CCTV Security Pros

Are you looking to buy a remote security camera without any subscription? CCTV Security Pros is here to help. We've come up with a list of the best security cameras without a subscription.

You can mix and match our security cameras depending on your monitoring needs to create a complete custom surveillance system that provides comprehensive coverage. Order yours now and enjoy free US-based technical support, free shipping, a 3-year warranty, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, included on ALL cameras and systems.

Need help choosing the security cameras with no subscription? Call our professionals for advice or a free quote at 888.653.2288.

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