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Why You Don’t Need Professional Security Camera Installation

Dec 10, 2021

Normally, surveillance system installation for your business or property requires hiring costly professionals. Consider professional security camera installation a thing of the past. Thanks to CCTV Security Pros, you can now properly secure your business or property with an easy self-setup. Our systems come with everything you’ll need, down to the very last wire and monitor. You can connect the system to your smartphone or tablet and conveniently operate it from anywhere. 

These systems are plug & play simple to set up yourself and you can save thousands of dollars over professional installation costs. With CCTV Security Pros as a supplier, you have access to unlimited remote support. See how you can easily install these systems yourself with our help.

Security camera close-up

Plug & Play Simple Installation

Surveillance system installation often requires professional help. All cameras need a proper power supply and video output to their DVR or NVR recorder. Finally, the hardware must be compatible with the entire network. 

Our security systems empower you with easy self-installation and full control of the equipment, eliminating the need for professional help. Simply place the cameras in their desired locations, plug them in, and turn them on. They are set up to automatically recognize one another and link to the database on their own. You don’t have to worry about being tech-savvy. Our systems are user-friendly and intuitive.

Save Time and Money

A professional security camera installation can cost you thousands of dollars. This is an unnecessary expense. You don’t need to break the bank to be safe. Install a surveillance system yourself and save money without sacrificing high-level security for your property. Additionally, you won’t need to waste valuable time on installation appointments.

Controlling security system from phone

Detailed Guides & Real-Time Assistance

Get real-time assistance from a live expert whenever you need help with your security systems. Simply call 888.653.2288 for self-installation tips, ongoing technical support, and troubleshooting software. We guarantee customer assistance throughout the life of the product.

We’ll empower you to do your own professional-grade security camera installation. We are one of the few security camera providers to supply a detailed full-color quick start guide in plain English with all of our cameras and systems. It has plenty of high-quality photos to direct you through your surveillance system installation as smoothly as possible.

Better Cameras & Systems

CCTV Security Pros offers cutting-edge cameras and systems with higher resolution 4MP cameras featuring Wide Dynamic Range (HDR), High-Efficiency Video Coding, and plenty of internal memory and storage space.

With superior technology, CCTV Security Pros provides an all-around superior system. Schedule your recording and change the settings right from your smartphone. Your camera can be set to record 24/7 or only when motion is detected, then send you a push notification when it has something for you to see.

CCTV Security Pros provides unlimited support and remote viewing with no ongoing fees, contracts, or subscriptions.

Get Started Easily

Forgo a costly and time-consuming professional security camera installation. Protect your business or property today with our easy self-setup camera systems. Experience a smooth plug-and-play interface, live technical support, and user-friendly guides.

Speak with a security expert at 888.653.2288 to get a free quote and lock down your business or property with little hassle at CCTV Security Pros.