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Welcome to CCTV Security Pros tech and setup support. Here you’ll find all the tools, information, and resources you’ll need to get your security system up and running quickly and easily. Browse our step-by-step tutorials and illustrated documents, including quick start guides and instructional videos. You'll find your security camera setup and maintenance to be a very simple and straightforward process.

If you have additional questions that are not covered here, please email us at or contact us at (888) 653-2288 (extension 3).

Our Tech & Setup site has been divided into sections to better serve you:

  • Monitor icondvr support

    Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are the centerpiece of a complete security camera system. We highlight the customizations you can make to configure your system for enjoying all the features provided. Look here for support in changing password and account settings, motion detection setup, mobile and email alert setup, and audio recording setup.

  • NVR Support Iconnvr support

    Our high-performing Network Video Recorders (NVRs) form the core interface between IP security cameras and a smooth end-user experience. We provide comprehensive NVR support to help you connect your IP cameras and configure your NVR system to suit your specific security applications. Find help with motion detection, IP record times, passwords, account settings, and compatibility for security camera setup.

  • Security remote viewing iconRemote Viewing on Smartphone or Tablet

    Find remote viewing support for your commercial-grade security camera systems. With our free apps for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, you can easily view your DVR or NVR remotely from wherever you are. We provide informative walk-through guides that make remote viewing setup simple.

  • Security Remote ViewingRemote Viewing on Computer or Laptop

    Need support for connecting your DVR or NVR to your PC or Mac? We provide simple-to-follow remote viewing support for PC or Mac. Our tech support features easy-to-understand instructions for features enabling you to watch your cameras remotely from the comfort of your home, your office even when on vacation.

    Simply download our SmartPSS remote viewing software and install it on your PC or Mac. Follow the instructions on our tech support site to help you navigate the remote viewing setup process and the many features offered by our remote viewing software.

  • Security Camera Helpcamera help

    Look here for security camera setup and maintenance. We provide dependable camera mount support, tech solutions and troubleshooting for a wide range of potential issues with IP, analog, CVI, and CCTV camera support.

  • Camera wiring iconwiring guides

    Need help connecting the necessary security system components? We will guide you through the whole process of connecting the camera, DVR or NVR cables and connectors in a simple way. From how to make proper slices, making wire terminations to correct wiring installations, we provide you with clear easy-to-follow audio installation and video monitoring guides to make the process simple and straightforward.

  • Troubleshootingtroubleshooting

    Dealing with tech problems is common during security camera setup. Look here any time your camera or system doesn’t seem to be operating as it should. We provide comprehensive and in-depth troubleshooting guides to help you solve common issues that may arise. 

    Having trouble connecting P2P? Getting no video display on your monitoring device? Having hard drive problems? Need help configuring our SmartPSS software correctly? Don’t worry: find the answer in our extensive resources or contact us for free troubleshooting and CCTV camera support.

  • Latest Firmware UpdatesHard Drive Calculator

    Our hard drive storage calculator will help you achieve your desired video storage requirements.

    Enter your number of cameras, framerate, resolution, and the number of hours per day you record, and the calculator will tell you the necessary storage size your recorder will need.

  • Surveillance Live Demolive demo

    Want a live demo of one of our professional-grade security camera systems before making a purchase? We provide you with a simple live demo guide that allows you to test drive any of our security cameras on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Arrows IconTeam Viewer

    When you need more help with your security camera setup and maintenance, one of our friendly and knowledgeable tech support representatives may request to remotely connect to your PC screen to help you troubleshoot a problem or configure your security camera system. We recommend using Team Viewer, a simple screen sharing service. Click here to connect remotely.


Live Tech & Setup Support

All our commercial security camera systems are supported by live tech services located in the USA and available from Monday to Friday (10 AM - 6 PM ET). Having reliable setup and tech support services is critical to ensuring your security camera and surveillance system is up and running easily and quickly. We welcome you to find professional CCTV camera support and other help from our dedicated tech support experts.

Your security camera setup process doesn’t have to be complicated. Our support experts are here to help you and your project. Whether it means helping you with DVR support online, troubleshooting an issue or selecting the right security surveillance system for your business, we’re here to support your needs and our quality products every step of the way. Contact us to speak with an expert today.