32 Channel NVRs

Professional 32-Channel Network Video Recorders

All-in-One Solution for Advanced Surveillance

With our Professional 32-Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR), you can elevate your security system to new heights. This cutting-edge device is designed to seamlessly integrate up to 32 IP cameras, providing you with a comprehensive surveillance solution for your home or business.

  • Key Features:

    • Accommodates up to 32 IP cameras

    • No monthly fees for remote viewing

    • 1 Terabyte Hard Drive included for ample video storage

    • Easy setup and configuration

Whether you need to monitor a large-scale property or multiple locations, this 32-channel NVR offers the flexibility and capacity to meet your unique surveillance requirements.

Effortless Installation and Intuitive Operation

Setting up the Professional 32-Channel Network Video Recorder is a breeze. With its plug-and-play functionality, you can simply connect each IP security camera to the back of the NVR and then link the NVR to your modem or router. This straightforward installation process saves you time and eliminates the need for technical expertise.

  • Key Features:

    • Quick and convenient plug-and-play setup

    • Intuitive user interface for easy operation

    • Seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure

Once connected, you can access your footage from anywhere, anytime using your internet-connected devices such as cell phones, tablets, or computers. Stay connected to your property and enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are.

Powerful Recording and Monitoring Capabilities

Our Professional 32-Channel Network Video Recorder ensures that you never miss a moment of crucial footage. Equipped with a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive, this NVR reliably stores your video recordings for future review. The convenient storage solution allows you to access and playback your footage at your convenience, empowering you with the ability to investigate incidents or identify potential threats.

  • Key Features:

    • 1 Terabyte Hard Drive for ample storage capacity

    • Easy playback and search functions for efficient review

    • Configurable recording options for customized video capture

    • Real-time monitoring and motion detection capabilities

Furthermore, the NVR supports real-time monitoring and motion detection, allowing you to stay informed about any suspicious activities or unauthorized access. Receive alerts directly to your device whenever motion is detected, enabling you to take immediate action when necessary.

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