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Can Businesses Have Wide Angle Bullet Cameras & Zoom Dome Cameras?

Nov 29, 2021

wide angle bullet camera and Zoom dome cameras

Security cameras are essential for businesses. Owners and property managers can mix and match the types of cameras on their network for the best camera coverage, including indoor vs outdoor, infrared night vision, and even controllable PTZ cameras.

Traditionally, “bullet” style cameras were built for greater zoom. “Dome” style cameras were traditionally built for wide-angle view. But advancements in camera technology make it possible to have wide-angle bullet cameras or dome cameras that zoom. The shape or design of their housing does not significantly limit their capabilities.

Wide-angle surveillance cameras have a larger field of view than standard cameras, which means they can cover a greater area in each frame. Cameras with zoom allow for more control with the ability to capture fine details from further away. The experts at CCTV Security Pros can help you customize your camera system for your property.

Dome Security Cameras
Infrared Bullet Cameras

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Wide Angle Bullet Security Cameras

Wide-angle bullet cameras are the cornerstone of indoor and outdoor video security surveillance for most businesses. They're frequently used to monitor business properties because of their excellent range, sleek design, wide availability, and professional look. With their wide-angle viewing capability, these security cameras are able to capture wide views of a property, making them more effective at monitoring large areas of your property.

These camera types are an excellent way to monitor parking lots, inventory areas, wide-open spaces like loading docks or manufacturing facilities.

Top Features of Wide-Angle Bullet Cameras:

  • 1080p and 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Remote viewing over the internet on PC, smartphone, or tablet 
  • Long-range infrared night vision for superior surveillance day or night
  • Easy to install, highly capable, and reliable
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof design
  • Wide Dynamic Range

Dome Security Cameras With Zoom

Dome security cameras with zoom capability are another popular surveillance option for businesses. These cameras are both wide-angle and can zoom in on areas that might be difficult to see with a standard wide-angle lens. They're mostly used indoor settings like retail stores, restaurants, hotels, banking halls, and other locations. They feature dome-shaped housings that are perfect-shaped to fit into tight spaces. You'll often see them installed on ceilings.

dome security camera

Unlike wide-angle bullet cameras that are pretty visible, done security cameras are small and more discreet, making them a perfect option when you want to keep an eye on things without revealing where exactly the camera is facing. These cameras are made to resist impacts from vandalism and are also weatherproof. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Top Features of Zoom Dome Security Cameras:

  • Remote viewing and control via PC, smartphone, and tablet
  • High-resolution 1080p and 4K Ultra HD videos and images
  • Wide Dynamic Range viewing and imaging
  • Highly effective surveillance indoors and outdoors, day and night 
  • Smart and long-range infrared night vision technology
  • Constructed with durable vandal proof material and housing
  • Weather-resistant design to ensure reliable monitoring all-year-around
  • Ceiling and wall mountable

You Can Install Both Types of Cameras

Wide-angle bullet cameras and zoom dome cameras are two types of security cameras that can be installed on any business property. Integrating either of the video surveillance systems is highly recommended for any business looking to protect themselves from theft, break-ins, and other safety concerns. Each type of camera has its own unique characteristics, which contributes to how wide the angle they can record and the range they can zoom in for detailed images. 

The wide-angle bullet camera is more useful for outdoor applications, while the zoom dome camera is more ideal for indoor use. No matter what type of business you have, there's a surveillance solution that fits your needs and budget.

If you'd like to learn more about wide-angle bullet cameras or dome security cameras with zoom or need help with finding or customizing the best system, call 888.653.2288 to speak with a security expert at CCTV Security Pros.