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Sep 4, 2023

CCTV camera kit with remote monitoring

CCTV cameras are critical to the security of your business or property. A full CCTV system includes cameras, a recorder, cables, monitors, mounts, and software/mobile apps to view your cameras from smartphones, tablets, and computers. A CCTV security camera kit should include all the parts you need. Better yet, the system should be plug & play simple to install yourself without paying thousands of dollars for a company to install them.

Here, we’ll cover the components and considerations for your next CCTV system. CCTV Security Pros is a top provider of surveillance camera kits, with systems in use at 70,000+ locations nationwide. We welcome you to compare our CCTV camera kits online or give us a call to talk with a security professional.

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Security Cameras

The first parts in your CCTV camera kit are the security cameras. HD (or better) quality security cameras with high resolution for sharp images and vivid videos are the best way to go. A kit should include high-definition security cameras up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Otherwise, the images won't be sharp enough for your needs. The number of cameras you need will depend on the size of your property and the level of security you need.

To get started, you'll want to consider the number of channels or cameras your system can monitor from 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, & 64, and 128. Decide on the camera style, from bullet and dome cameras, and other valuable features. Then ensure your professional-grade surveillance camera kit includes the right parts for comprehensive surveillance.

Video Recorder

video recorder

A video recorder is the core of any CCTV camera kit. It records the footage from your cameras and stores it for later viewing. There are two primary types of video recorders on the market, so if you are planning to use any existing cable or components, be sure that it’s compatible.

Network video recorders are the most important component of any high-quality IP security system. The best NVRs support up to 4K resolution, are ONVIF compatible, and support crystal clear, user-friendly video viewing over the Internet, tablets, and cell phones. Digital video recorders can also support 4K recording and support both HD over Coax security cameras and older analog cameras with BNC connections.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The video recorders in CCTV camera kits enable you to view live or recorded video footage from anywhere, anytime, at no monthly cost. You get to enjoy superior performance, unlimited access, and a simple plug-and-play setup.

Video Surveillance Software

Video Surveillance Software

The best security camera kit also includes free remote viewing client PC software and mobile apps. These will allow you to remotely monitor your property on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. With comprehensive video surveillance software, you can ensure that your property is always safe and sound. They provide round-the-clock access to your security cameras, so you can always keep an eye on things, no matter where you are.


LCD Flat Monitor

LCD Flat Monitor

When buying a complete CCTV camera kit for a large property, it's important to purchase an LCD flat monitor or display which can be used with your CCTV system. The monitor is needed for the initial setup and provides local viewing of the CCTV system cameras. You can also use it to watch live feeds, playback recorded video, and more, depending on your surveillance camera kit configuration. 



Cables and Connections

Cables and Connections

Security cameras are connected to a recorder with cables and connections. Make sure to get a CCTV cable long enough to reach from your camera to your recorder. Coax cameras do not get their power from the recorder. BNC connectors are used to connect CCTV coaxial cables.

Power Supplies/POE

When it comes to CCTV camera kits, power is only a concern for HD over Coax systems. IP cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply technology to provide power over the same Ethernet cable they use for video.

The lead on the coax camera has a separate connection for both power and video. On the DVR side, the video side of the cable is connected to the DVR using a BNC connector. The camera or cameras are powered with a power adapter or multiple output power supply.

Lenses, Housings, and Brackets

Security cameras and systems come with a variety of junction boxes and/or wall mounts CCTV camera housings are typically made of high-strength material to protect against vandalism or damage. Brackets are used to affix the CCTV camera to a surface and come in various shapes and sizes. 

When selecting a CCTV camera kit, you must select one that includes the appropriate lens, housing, and bracket for your specific needs. For example, if you need a wide-angle lens for a large area, make sure the security camera kit you select includes one. If you're installing cameras outside, the camera housing should be weatherproof and vandal-proof. 

Surveillance Signs

CCTV Sign Kit with StakeCCTV surveillance signs are a great way to notify people that they are being filmed in your space or business. They're a great deterrent to would-be criminals and are a good way to ensure that people are aware of the surveillance in place. Signs should be placed in visible areas, such as near entrances and exits.

Quickstart Guide

A complete security camera kit should also include a quickstart guide to help you get started with the system as quickly as possible. This will include information on how to set up and use your new security camera kit, as well as troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong. It's also a good idea to have free customer support available if you need help getting started or encounter any problems with your CCTV camera kit.



Must-Have Features In a Surveillance Camera Kit

A complete surveillance system for your home, business, or other property offers much more than just security cameras, video recorders, and accessories. Ensure it offers specific features depending on your surveillance applications. Look out for:

  • The ability to view live surveillance video on PC, mobile, and tablet
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof security camera housing
  • Infrared night vision in complete darkness
  • Wide-angle viewing and zooming capabilities
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Ability to record video 24/7 or on motion detection on all cameras
  • Motion detection alerts and notifications on phone and email
  • 3+years warranty for system performance guarantee
  • Unlimited USA lifetime support in case you need technical help
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee

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