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Dome vs Bullet Cameras for Security

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Dec 8, 2020

Dome and bullet security cameras

Dome cameras vs bullet cameras - which is better? These are two of the most popular designs for modern security cameras. If you have to decide on dome vs bullet cameras for your security, don’t worry - they support most of the same hardware and features. But, there are differences between dome and bullet cameras that are worth considering. If you want up to 24/7 day and night surveillance with advanced features like wide-angle viewing on cameras and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), both kinds will deliver.

The latest dome cameras and bullet security cameras provide some of the most advanced surveillance features you need for superior performance, reliability, and peace of mind.

Find what you need to know here to choose between dome or bullet cameras, or call our experts at 888.653.2288. Choose CCTV Security Pros for unlimited free remote viewing via smartphone, tablet, or computer with no ongoing fees, contract, or subscription.

Dome security camera

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are first up in the dome vs bullet camera debate. Dome cameras are an excellent all-around and versatile surveillance option when you need a no-hassle and affordable home and business surveillance solution. These cameras come with everything you need for setup and installation at a reasonable camera price. They’re available in IP and HD options with top-of-the-range features for a truly customized surveillance experience.

With weatherproof and vandal-proof dome-shaped camera housings, dome cameras can withstand all elements indoors and outdoors. They’re mostly installed on ceilings, under the eaves, or the soffit. Many also feature wide-angle camera lenses, making them perfect for monitoring larger areas. When comparing dome vs bullet cameras, dome cameras are much smaller, making them a discreet surveillance solution in retail stores, restaurants, and other public areas.

Dome Camera Features:

  • Remote viewing and control via PC, smartphones, and tablets
  • High-resolution images and videos with wide dynamic camera angle imaging and PTZ
  • Smart infrared night vision surveillance for clear video in complete darkness
  • Highly effective for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, day and night
  • Weatherproof for reliable monitoring all-year-around
  • Durable vandal-resistant housing
  • Wall and ceiling mountable


  • Discreet and lower-profile for deciding between dome or bullet cameras
  • Harder for vandals to damage camera or redirect
  • Harder to see where the camera is pointing
  • Wider field of view
  • Stylish aesthetic
  • Reasonable camera price


  • Harder to install (Higher installation points)
  • Not easy to reposition
  • Glass dome can get dirty over time
  • Fewer installation options

Two bullet security cameras

Bullet Security Cameras

When we look at dome vs bullet cameras, we can see a considerable difference in design and general applications. Both provide reliable security monitoring, but bullet security cameras are the most popular wall-mounted cameras for indoor and outdoor security. That’s because of their excellent range and professional appeal. They’re available in 1080p and 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring superior image and video quality in low light conditions and total darkness. 

Bullet security cameras come with fixed or variable focal length lenses. They’re perfect for monitoring outdoor areas like perimeter fences, backyards, parking lots, hallways, shopping malls, and other areas where you want visible deterrence in a property, both indoors and outdoors. Comparing dome vs bullet cameras, bullet cameras are a better option for capturing finer details like license plates and people’s faces at long distances for identification. So if you can’t decide between dome or bullet cameras and want more precise imaging, go with bullet cameras.

Bullet Camera Features:

  • Remote viewing and control via PC, smartphones, and tablet
  • High-resolution images and videos with wide dynamic camera angle imaging
  • Long-range infrared night vision in complete darkness 
  • Highly effective for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, day and night
  • Easy to install, highly capable, and reliable. Important to consider when deciding on dome vs bullet cameras.
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof design for reliable monitoring all-year-around
  • Wall mountable


  • Easy installation
  • A wide range of options is available
  • Easily repositioned
  • Longer range video monitoring
  • May deter theft
  • Better night vision and less IR bounce back


  • May support spider webs and bird nests
  • Vandals can change direction if easily accessible
  • Not easy to blend in with surroundings

Depending on your surveillance needs and your own priorities for dome vs bullet cameras, you can quickly build a complete security system by adding a professional-grade video recorder (NVR or DVR) to your bullet or dome security cameras. A custom surveillance solution gives you the opportunity to tailor your equipment to the security needs of your property.

dome cameras with free remote viewing

Make Your Decision

So, dome cameras vs bullet cameras - which is better? Well, they’re both great options for different things. These differences are what to consider when deciding between dome and bullet cameras, but there is no simple answer. Whichever option you choose for CCTV dome vs bullet cameras, you’ll want to opt for security cameras that offer comprehensive security coverage for your property. That means ensuring the features you choose are best suited for your surveillance applications.

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