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Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Security Cameras

Jul 30, 2021

Exterior security cameras are an excellent way to protect your property both day and night. They provide a clear view of the surrounding area, which can be helpful for both surveillance and home or business safety. However, exterior or  outdoor security cameras can come in many different forms, from PTZ dome security cameras to bullet cameras. Any of these types may be outdoor night vision cameras, and share many of the same features.

Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, it's important to understand everything about these types of security cameras so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one or a complete system for your property.

Different Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

There are different types of exterior security cameras for home or business surveillance. These include outdoor dome cameras, infrared bullet cameras, and exterior PTZ security cameras. The type of security cameras you choose for your outdoor surveillance needs depends on your property design, camera installation points, and budget.

  • Dome Security Cameras - These cameras are often installed on a flat surface like the exterior of your building. Dome cameras capture everything in their area of surveillance and offer excellent panoramic views using their wide-angle lenses. They're most often used for exterior point-of-view security purposes, but some models can be tilted to view objects closely from different angles.

    While dome cameras are commonly used for interior surveillance in banks, stores, casinos, schools, and restaurants, they're also a perfect choice for anywhere you need to monitor a large space. Dome exterior security cameras are smaller and more discreet. Those with higher resolutions like 4K Ultra HD are more suitable for long-range viewing, including exterior use. They also feature infrared night vision for viewing in low-light conditions.
  • Infrared Bullet Security Cameras - These are typically used as outdoor night vision cameras. They're a great choice when you need to see in low light or complete darkness. Bullet security cameras are easy to install and can be mounted on walls, ceilings, poles, fences, and a variety of other places. These are the most commonly used cameras for protection against theft, vandalism, and other crimes outside of your business or home.

    Infrared night vision security cameras by CCTV Security Pros can see 100 feet or further in complete darkness. The latest exterior security cameras also come with Starlight Technology, which provides a clearer, color image in low light conditions. This means that instead of the usual black and white surveillance images or video footage, you can now enjoy clear video footage at night.
  • PTZ Controllable Security Cameras - Pan-tilt-zoom security cameras are more expensive, but provide a wider range of surveillance coverage and have many other features that make them worth the investment. With remote monitoring, you can rotate, tilt, or zoom the security cameras from your PC, smartphone, or tablet to see what's happening inside or around your property. Some of them come with integrated laser pointers to help you highlight a specific area of interest or serve as an alert system for intruders.

    PTZ security cameras are widely used by security professionals, law enforcement agencies, and businesses. They're a perfect option when you want to use fewer cameras to monitor a wider or larger area. A single PTZ camera can replace multiple analog or HD-over-Coax security cameras, which means you'll save more money on installation and maintenance costs without sacrificing security.

How Exterior Security Cameras Work

These cameras can operate with wireless technology or PoE technology. However, outdoor IP (PoE) security cameras with night vision are the preferred option in most residential and business applications.

  • IP security cameras are the gold standard in video surveillance
  • Top-range imaging of 1080p to 4K resolution
  • Simple to install with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Power, video, and audio are fully integrated into a single connection cable
  • Less cable and maintenance means more versatility
  • IP security cameras are perfect for newer buildings with new CAT5 or CAT6 cable wiring

Wireless exterior security cameras are also used in commercial and residential applications. They transmit data using the same cables your computer, and power via the same cable as its data. That makes for easy plug & play installation.

Why You Should Have Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras come with lots of benefits for homeowners and businesses. They help you see what’s going on outside your property and in areas where the interior cameras can't reach. Having cameras installed at strategic points such as the parking lot, perimeter fence, backyard, front yard, entry and exit points, storefront, and other areas will help you monitor any suspicious behavior and deter would-be criminals. 

Here are some other benefits of installing outdoor surveillance cameras:

  • A single outdoor camera provides wide coverage with its wide-angle lens 
  • They are hardy enough to withstand any elements so that they can be installed in every exterior part of your property
  • They are easy to install - with an exterior security camera system and a network video recorder, you'll get remote viewing functionality
  • You can detect intruders before they make it into the building so that you don't have to wait for alerts from sensors or alarms. The cameras can send a push notification when they detect motion
  • You can have exterior cameras installed to get a 360-degree view of the surrounding area

Top Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

 exterior security camera

Outdoor security cameras come with an array of features that will help you protect your property. Whether you want to enhance security around your home or monitor what's going on around your business when you're away, you'll need to select the right exterior security cameras with features that will meet your needs.

Some of these include:

  • Stunningly clear 1080p up to 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Powerful outdoor night vision camera features up to 100ft
  • H.265 Video Compression
  • Weatherproof design for all-year performance (IP67)
  • Vandalproof design to ensure cameras are protected against vandalism
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 on PC, tablet, and cell phones
  • POE - Power Over Ethernet for "One Click" Installation
  • Long Transmission Distance up to 1000 Feet
  • Professional Free PC software and Cell Phone App
  • Built for simplicity and performance
  • Rigorously tested and reviewed to meet and exceed the latest industry standards

Installing Your Security Cameras

Mount your cameras in strategic areas that are easy to capture footage. Wide-angle cameras with high resolutions are suitable for large outdoor spaces. Don't mount them too high or low, as this can make it difficult to see things from a distance and may result in increased noise on your footage. 

Avoid installing security cameras near windows or glass doors to avoid glare. Remember that exterior security cameras are exposed to all weather elements and will be subject to heat, cold, rain, ice storms, snow, and hail depending on the climate in your area, so ensure they're waterproof. Security cameras should also be mounted about 8 feet off the ground to avoid theft and vandalism.

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