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How to Empower Your Security Team with Live Video Camera System Access

Dec 10, 2021

Security video camera systems are among the most effective tools for protecting your business or property. These systems allow you to view a live feed of your cameras through your smartphone or computer, watch the recorded video later, and keep everyone on your property accountable for their actions. With technology getting more advanced, there are more and more benefits to be seen. 

With this technology, you can grant your managers and security staff surveillance camera web access to better protect your business and make them more effective at their jobs. No longer is your system tied to a single station. See how you can significantly empower your team thanks to live access.

Security personnel in front of building

More Hands on Deck

A limitation of conventional security video camera systems is that they’re often tied to one monitoring room. Only people in the room can survey video feeds. As soon as you leave that room, that access ends. This limits the capacity of on-site security team members, as they have to rely on info relayed from the person monitoring the feeds. 

That’s no longer a limitation with newer systems. With access on every internet-capable device, including smartphones, team members can view feeds wherever they are, off-site or around the world. With more people keeping an eye on security operations, they’re much more likely to catch problems as they arise. You don’t have to depend on a central monitor anymore.

Better Law Enforcement Handoff

Having a security video camera system with live access makes it easier to involve law enforcement with any incidents that arise at your business or property. Officials would typically need to copy or obtain your video recorder’s hard drive to collect proper evidence. A modern surveillance camera web access means this is no longer necessary. Show officials the video on your phone, or send them a digital file of the video clip so they can quickly take your footage into evidence. Your system will also automatically tag the video timeline when your cameras detect motion. These modern systems streamline the process of viewing, isolating, and sharing important video footage from your system.

Security cameras on a corner

Cut Down on Inefficiency

When you have the ability to grant anyone and everyone on your team access to your video camera security system, you can cut down on many of the redundancies involved in keeping your property secure. You may not need as many staff physically on-site.

Modern surveillance cameras with web access can be superior to on-site staff in a few key ways. Security cameras, especially those by CCTV Security Pros, carry infrared night vision capabilities that empower them to see in complete darkness. You can also mix and match hidden security cameras as part of your system to catch theft by employees and customers even when they think they’re being clever. With these systems, you don’t have to pay overnight security staff and you don’t even need to pay to keep the lights on while these cameras are at work. 

React In Real-Time

Security video camera systems let you surveil your property better than any other solution. If your security team can’t keep up with a threat on the move, your system can track them wherever they go. The problem with a stationary base is you can see where threats are in the base, but you can’t actively follow it outside. With surveillance camera web access, team members can check the live security status of your property from their phone or tablet while on the move. If the threat makes a turn to throw security off their tail, the security team can see exactly where they went through the cameras.

Threat Prediction and Prevention

Your security video camera system isn’t just good at monitoring threats as they happen, but analyzing and predicting potential threats as well. With live access, any security team member can fully surveil the entire property, straight from their phone. Putting this global view into the hands of all team members makes them more capable of identifying issues before they happen. If there’s an argument developing at a point of sale, your team can be on it before your team member has a chance to call for help.

It also gives them increased confidence to intervene before threats occur, as multiple viewing angles will better reveal suspicious behavior. With our 4MP or Wide Dynamic Range Cameras, they can also zoom in and peer closer into areas hard to see in person. More cameras mean more active vision and threat detection.

Unify Your Team

All in all, the beauty of live access to your security video camera system is the level of unity it brings to your team. Everyone has access to the footage, as well as the capability to communicate with each other. Because of this, your team can operate as a better unified, streamlined entity with more agency in threat stopping than ever before. Security systems don’t just help you, they help your entire team.

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