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DIY Security Camera Systems - Do It Yourself and Save

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Oct 19, 2023

DIY security cameras

DIY Security Camera Systems

If you own a business or have important property to protect, a professional-grade security camera system is essential. You have options when it comes to installation and customizing a system to meet your security needs, but the initial cost can be high.

Where Does the Cost Come From?

Many companies charge a premium for installing complicated systems, as well as a monthly fee to stream your surveillance video. This means ongoing costs for your business. However, if you choose to self-install your security cameras, you can avoid these expenses.

The average business pays approximately $1,200 for installation, while the average homeowner pays around $900. In addition to installation costs, both will have to pay a monthly monitoring cost of $14.99 to $60.99, depending on the company and features required. But there is a better alternative. Why pay to access your security video when you can opt for a DIY security camera system installation with no ongoing fees or contracts?

The Better Alternative

The Better Alternative

Order a complete DIY security camera system from a company like CCTV Security Pros. Their plug & play equipment and unlimited remote support by USA-based experts make self-installation simple. The cost of security camera installation will only require a few hours of your time.

With CCTV Security Pros, you won't have to pay any monthly fees to view live or recorded video remotely on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply match your device with a recorder and be up and running in minutes. Their DIY security camera installation process is designed to be straightforward and can be done with little to no experience.

Call 888.653.2288 to get a cost quote and excellent installation support from a US-based expert, or contact them online.

diy security camera system

You Get to Choose the Components You Need

With a DIY security system, you can choose the components you want to include. For example, if you're installing security cameras for your small business, you don't need to start with a complete system. You have the flexibility to choose one security camera for monitoring activities inside your store and one for outside. This setup is easy and can be monitored remotely on your smartphone.

With DIY security camera system installation, you can select the number of cameras, the type of system, the features you need, and make upgrades or downgrades as you wish. You won't have to rely on a surveillance company to install or remove specific components. components installed or removed. 

Systems by Number of Cameras

DVR / NVR Recorders

Zero Installation and Monthly Monitoring Costs

Opting for a DIY security camera system can save thousands of dollars in installation services and monitoring fees. Standard installation costs are high, making security camera self-installation an attractive option. Complete systems come with all the necessary accessories, including security cameras, cables and connectors, power supplies, brackets and housings, surveillance signs, and installation guides.

CCTV Security Pros offers complete systems that can be easily viewed remotely from any device at no ongoing cost. With no installation or monitoring fees, you can enjoy superior security surveillance with self-monitoring options.

You Have Full Control Over the Surveillance System

By choosing DIY security camera installation, you have control over the simplicity or complexity of your surveillance system. You can add more security cameras as your needs grow. This means you can quickly and easily expand your coverage without incurring the additional cost of professional installation.

Having a hands-on installation experience with professional remote-based support helps you learn how every component works and how to optimize your DIY security camera system. Full control over your system means you don't have to worry about the extra cost of expanding your coverage.

You Own the Surveillance Equipment

outdoor surveillance camera

When you opt for a security camera installation service, you don't always own the equipment they install. If you plan to move, you can't simply remove the cameras and take them with you. With DIY security camera system installation, you can move the entire system and avoid the additional costs associated with companies that own your surveillance equipment. You won't have to pay for re-installation or potential upgrades in your new location.

Find the Best DIY Security Camera Systems

If you're looking for professional-grade video surveillance solutions with zero installation and monitoring costs, consider CCTV Security Pros. They provide wired and wireless DIY solutions for indoor and outdoor surveillance. Save thousands of dollars with their security camera self-installation.

Whether you need help customizing, buying, or installing your DIY security camera system, feel free to contact them for reliable and free USA-based tech support or visit their Learning Center for more information.