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Sourcing Security Camera Equipment

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Mar 9, 2020

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A complete surveillance system takes a fair amount of security camera hardware to set up properly. The placement of your security cameras and the features you need all determine the security camera equipment you’ll need for your property.

Whether it’s  HD security cameraswireless security cameras, or IP security cameras, you’ll need accessories and equipment like cables and connectors, security camera housings, lenses, monitors, surveillance signs, and a compatible video recorder. Here, we look at how best to source for security camera hardware.

Find High-Quality Equipment and Accessories

Some security systems require you to buy components from multiple sources, while others are  complete systems that come with everything you need for installation. You might also be able to use additional security camera equipment to expand or upgrade your system over time.

Leading USA companies like  CCTV Security Pros provide a wide range of equipment and accessories to help you get started with your installation needs, as well as easy-to-follow instructions on how to install your security cameras. Take your time to find the best quality accessories and equipment you can for the easiest installation and highest performance.

Understand the Equipment You’ll Need

Whether you want to extend the range of your security cameras or protect your cameras against the elements or vandalism, it’s important to understand the security camera equipment you’ll need.

  • Video Recorders - How do you want to store your recorded video footage? Depending on whether you have HD-over-Coax security cameras or IP security cameras, you’ll need a Digital Video Recorder or a Network Video Recorder to record your surveillance videos. A DVR or NVR is must-have equipment if you want to enjoy 24/7 video recording and multiple camera support.
  • Cables and Connectors - Cables and connectors are important accessories for connecting your security cameras to video recorders. The type of cables chosen will depend on the type of security cameras you have and the applications. For instance, siamese coax cables are designated for HD-over-Coax and analog security cameras, while ethernet cables apply to IP security cameras.
  • Mounting Brackets - For security camera installation, you’ll need one of the most important pieces of security camera equipment - mounting brackets. These brackets are designed to make it easy for you to install your security cameras on the wall or ceiling at an appropriate angle that meets your surveillance requirements. Junction boxes are also vital when you want to conceal your wiring connections from sight. This can help deter any form of tampering.
  • Security Camera Housings - When it comes to protecting your outdoor security cameras, it’s important to get the right security camera hardware, and in this case, security camera housings. These are designed to ensure your cameras are protected against the elements while increasing service life. While outdoor security cameras come with the necessary protection, adding a housing can improve weatherproofing.
  • PoE Switches, Adapters, and Injectors - PoE switches, adapters, injectors, and power supplies are all important types of security camera equipment with unique functions. For instance, a PoE switch helps you connect multiple security cameras with a single cable. These accessories provide the power supply solutions you need for your security system while keeping your security system organized and operating efficiently with minimal wiring.
  • Surveillance-Grade Hard drives - When you’re recording video footage on your NVR or DVR, you’ll want to consider your storage requirements. The higher the resolution of your security cameras, the more storage you’ll need. For instance, 4K security cameras will require more hard drive storage than 1080p security cameras. Getting surveillance-grade hard drives with proven reliability and improved recording performance is critical for a 24/7 surveillance workload.
  • LCD Monitors - A monitor is also a vital piece of security camera equipment for those who want to display their surveillance camera footage. Get one with the features you need, such as HDMI and VGA support and built-in speakers. They’re helpful to install at security stations so that you or your staff can check in on activity in real-time.
  • Surveillance Signs - Professional surveillance signs are a critical part of deterring crime and reminding people they’re being watched. These signs are used at entrance points of businesses or properties to let would-be intruders, burglars, and thieves know that someone is watching. Most security systems come with clear signs and warning stickers for each camera. They offer the added security coverage you need and help you get the message across.

Complete Your Security Camera Installation

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Now that you know the security camera equipment you need, you can now go ahead with ordering and installing your complete security system. The right security camera hardware ensures that your surveillance system is up and running in a breeze.

To make installation easier for you, go for companies that offer industry-leading support and plug-and-play security products. Installing a system yourself or with your staff can save you thousands of dollars.

Shop Security Camera Equipment Online

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