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The Benefits of Outdoor PoE IP Cameras

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Aug 18, 2020

When searching for an outdoor security camera system for your property, there are often a lot of questions that come into mind. The first and biggest decision to make is whether to go with IP or analog security systems. If you’re looking for a high-end and scalable surveillance solution for your business, home, or other property, an outdoor IP camera system is a great option. 

IP surveillance systems are powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. The IP cameras are powered by a single ethernet cable (Cat5/6) for power supply and data transmission. That means simple setup, simplicity, flexibility, and cost-savings during installation. But what are the benefits of installing a PoE outdoor camera surveillance system?

Superior Surveillance Features

When shopping for an outdoor surveillance system, you want to be sure you’re getting a system that helps you enhance security and protect what matters to you most - whether family or business assets. PoE IP security systems have quickly advanced over the years and now offer premium features to ensure safe outdoor use and functionality. 

Features of an outdoor IP camera system include: 

  • Stunningly clear HD to 4K video resolution for detailed footage in any outdoor conditions
  • Excellent long-range infrared night vision for protection at night and in low light conditions
  • IP65/66 waterproof design for reliable performance in extreme weather
  • Vandal-proof design that ensures peace of mind for your outdoor surveillance
  • Smart features like instant motion detection, intelligent alerts, embedded video analytics via an NVR, face detection, and long-range zoom
  • Commercial-grade Network Video Recorder (NVR) for 24/7 recording, playback, and viewing
  • Powerful wide-range monitoring with a single camera

Deter Criminals

This is the most obvious benefit of installing an outdoor IP camera system. Once you’ve strategically placed the IP security cameras outside your property, you can experience an enhanced level of security. Up to 60% of convicted burglars acknowledge that the presence of outdoor security cameras has a tremendous influence on their decision to target a property. 

Having visible PoE outdoor cameras is a huge deterrence to criminals as they know that they risk being identified and their illegal activities on camera. Whether you want to make your property safer or ensure the safety of your loved ones or your workers, outdoor IP cameras prevent your property from becoming an easy target for criminals.

Remote Monitoring from Anywhere

Another great benefit of installing PoE outdoor IP cameras in the fact that you get to enjoy remote monitoring from anywhere, anytime. By choosing the right provider, you can easily view live video footage of your outdoor security cameras on any device, such as your PC, mobile phone, or tablet at no monthly cost apart from paying for your high-speed internet connection. 

Remote monitoring is a critical aspect of property surveillance today, especially when you want flexible on-the-go monitoring from any location. The best IP security camera systems come with the latest surveillance capabilities, top-quality components for a complete installation, and free software and mobile app to help you remotely monitor your outdoor areas.

Easily Customizable and Scalable

PoE outdoor IP camera systems are easily customizable and scalable. Whether you want to install a single camera or multiple cameras to monitor your property, you can easily mix and match different types of cameras to fit your specific IP video surveillance needs. Options include dome, professional box, PTZ, infrared bullet, wireless, or hidden security cameras

You can customize your entire outdoor security system to ensure comprehensive coverage. There’s no limit to how many IP security cameras you can install, and it’s cost-effective as there are minimal cabling and maintenance needed. IP outdoor security cameras are perfect where maximum visual clarity, ease of installation, and maximum coverage are needed.

Shop Outdoor IP Security Camera Systems

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