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The Hardware Devices Used in a CCTV System

Posted by Gregory DeRouanna on Feb 7, 2020

Security camera on brick wall

Learning what hardware devices and parts are used in CCTV systems is a great first step to sourcing surveillance for your business or property. Hardware devices include parts like the camera, lens, housing, mounts, wiring, and monitors.

You can source these components individually, or together as part of a complete security system that will include everything you’ll need. See our breakdown of CCTV hardware here, or call the experts at 888.653.2288. CCTV Security Pros is available to help customize your system on weekdays 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

Security Camera Basics

The hardware devices used in CCTV systems all start with the camera. There are two primary different types of security camera technologies to choose from - HD-CVI and Network IP security cameras. Make sure to select cameras and recorders that operate on the same system type to ensure compatibility.

Can You Mix Different Security Cameras?

There are also different types of security cameras, including dome, professional box, PTZ controllable, infrared bullet, and hidden security cameras. Different types of security cameras can be mixed and matched depending on your monitoring needs to create the perfect custom surveillance system with comprehensive coverage.

Wall full of CCTV cameras

What to Consider When Choosing Security Cameras

When choosing security cameras for which hardware devices and parts to use in your CCTV system, consider your placement needs - indoors or outdoors, your surveillance range so you can choose the right resolution, image quality, video recording options, and scalability so you can expand your surveillance system with ease. Additionally, consider the features of each security camera.

  • Camera resolution -1080p to 4K
  • Night vision with infrared LED illuminators
  • Remote video surveillance from anywhere, anytime, via PC, smartphone, or tablet
  • Weather-resistant and vandal-proof design for reliable outdoor use
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
  • Motion detection 
  • Remote access, playback, and control

Video Recording Basics

Recording capability is an essential feature in any CCTV system as it helps with the assessment, investigation, and evidence collection process in case an incident occurs at your property. Modern security camera recorders make it easy for you to manage, view and store surveillance videos. 

You can enjoy 24/7 HD video surveillance coverage from anywhere, anytime via PC, smartphone, or tablet. There are two main types of video recorders:

The latest video recorders and CCTV parts offer a wide range of high-performance features, including unlimited access, remote viewing on PC, smartphone, and tablet at no monthly cost, simple plug-and-play setup, automatic motion detection notifications and alerts, and free remote viewing software and mobile apps. When looking for what hardware devices to use in your CCTV system, look for recent technology to get the most benefits.

Dome CCTV camera on red wall

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

NVRs have become the dominant force for businesses and property owners who need superior surveillance. These video recorders connect to security cameras over CAT 5 / CAT 6 ethernet cable. NVRs are the heart of IP surveillance systems and feature advanced capabilities that support a range of IP security cameras. Here are features of Network Video Recorders to consider for what hardware and parts to use in your CCTV system:

  • Crystal clear 1080p up to 4K Ultra HD quality
  • Remote viewing via smartphones, PC, and tablets
  • Easy-to-use NVR web interface
  • Reliable motion detection technology
  • The internal parts of an NVR CCTV camera include pre-installed surveillance storage hard drives
  • Options for recording video 24/7, on motion detection, or on schedule
  • View, playback, and retrieve date & time-stamped recorded video footage
  • Many different types, including dome CCTV cameras and bullet CCTV cameras

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

DVRs have long been used to enhance and customize surveillance monitoring in businesses and other properties. They’re a critical part of any HD-over-Coax system and have long been the standard surveillance recording option. You can select a DVR that matches your security needs and property size. Just like NVRs, you can choose multi-channel NVRs to fit the number of security cameras you have when looking for what hardware to use in your CCTV system. 

DVR Features

  • 1080p surveillance video recording and higher
  • Live remote viewing via PC, smartphone, tablet, and tablets
  • Reliable motion detection capability
  • Live viewing, video playback, 24/7 recording, and backup of surveillance video simultaneously
  • Easy retrieval of surveillance footage - date and time stamped
  • Pre-installed hard drives for reliable video storage
  • User-friendly interface that streamlines and simplifies the setup, requirements for camera installation, and management of your surveillance system
  • Similar to NVR includes dome CCTV cameras and bullet CCTV cameras

Cables and Connections

Ethernet cables connected to a server

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

To continue understanding what the hardware devices used in a CCTV system are as well as the basics of how CCTV parts work together, you should also know which cables and connectors are critical components for your CCTV system. There are different types of cables and connectors, depending on the security cameras you choose, your surveillance technology, and video recorders. These include plug-and-play combo cables, CAT5/6 ethernet cables, RG-59 Siamese coax combo cables, and connection components.

The right cabling is critical for what hardware devices to use in your CCTV system. You may also need other accessories to complete your CCTV parts installation, such as power adapter cables, HDMI cables, connection tools, and crimping tools. Most complete CCTV security systems come with all the cables and connectors you need to get started.


Surveillance monitors

While most CCTV systems today allow you to view live video surveillance feeds on smartphones, tablets, and PC, sometimes, you may decide to go with LCD flat monitors to view footage from multiple security cameras at once. Monitors are ideal for commercial CCTV system installations where constant live monitoring is required.

When looking for what hardware devices to use in a CCTV system, consider LCD monitors that feature built-in speakers to monitor the security video system of your home or business. These monitors often come complete with everything you need, including mounting brackets to enjoy superior video quality for your surveillance needs. 

Security Camera Housings & Mounts

When installing your CCTV security system, you’ll be able to mount them on walls, ceilings, or other strategic locations. To do this, you’ll need sturdy mounting brackets that can secure your security cameras safely. Security camera housings are also vital, especially for outdoor security cameras that are constantly exposed to weather elements. The right housing should be weatherproof and vandal-proof to protect what hardware devices and parts you use in a CCTV system.

Power Supplies

CCTV systems need the right power accessories to ensure reliable performance. Whether your system operates over CAT5e ethernet cable or coaxial cable, you need the right power supply solutions for your system. You may also need additional power supply accessories like a PoE switch, PoE extender, and multiple power supply solutions to keep your CCTV systems well organized and operating effectively with minimal wiring.

Surveillance Signs

Surveillance warning sign

Surveillance signs are another critical component of what hardware devices are used in a CCTV system. While these are not ‘devices’, they’re a great solution for deterring crime. When placed in entryways, or anywhere would-be criminals or intruders would see it, they can help protect your property by encouraging people to stay on their best behavior.

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