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PTZ IP Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor Use

With our cutting-edge IP Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras, you gain the unprecedented ability to monitor large areas with ease. These advanced cameras can be effortlessly moved up, down, left, and right, providing extensive coverage and leaving no blind spots. They can even do their own programmable tours or follow objects.  It is like having your own person security guard.  Whether it's your home, office, or any other special space you want to protect, our PTZ IP Cameras are here to answer the call. 

  • By employing the pan and tilt features of our PTZ IP Cameras, you can effortlessly scan and monitor various areas from a single camera location. You will need less fixed security cameras to achieve comprehensive coverage.
  • Zoom in on what matters most: With the zoom function, these cameras allow you to focus on specific individuals or objects, ensuring that you capture the key details you desire. Stay in control and never miss a critical moment.
  • Real-time monitoring made easy: Experience the convenience and flexibility of monitoring your surroundings live, whether you are at home or on the go. Access your PTZ IP Cameras remotely through the internet or your mobile phone, giving you the freedom to stay connected and ensure the safety of your space.

Auto Tracking and Tours

Our IP Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras offer a remarkable feature: the ability to set up pre-defined camera movement patterns, also known as surveillance tours. These tours enable your camera to sweep across designated areas automatically, capturing vital information and ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

In-stock PTZ IP Cameras  

We, at CCTV Security Pros take pride and interest in providing advanced PTZ IP Cameras for a variety of industries and settings. We have worked with many organizations including airports, grocery stores, shopping malls, casinos, and public transportation to determine the best solutions to their needs.  With technology better and less expensive each day, even homeowners can get a super high quality PTZ camera at an affordable price. 

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