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Fixed Wide Angle Cameras

When monitoring your home or business, we often use wide angle cameras.  Wide angle cameras cover large areas such as a room or wide area outside a business or home. All of our fixed wide angle security cameras are weather proof and can be used indoor or outdoors.  Our wide angle cameras come in two main lens sizes - 2.8mm and 3.6mm.  The smaller the number, the wider the lens.  A 3.6mm lens is approximately 90 degrees, while a 2.8mm lens is approximately 105 degrees.  Fixed cameras are exceptional for keeping an eye on large areas of your business such as lobbies, parking lots, doorways, conference rooms, warehouse, etc. In many general areas wide angle lenses are desired, however, a fixed wide angle lens is not appropriate for all applications. 

If you want to focus in on and get close ups on areas or objects over 50 foot away, a vari-focal camera may be most suitable. Sometimes a standard "system in a box" does not work.  We can customize your camera system to your particular needs.  Need to switch one or two cameras in your system to adjustable cameras? 

Call us at 888 653-2288 and we will be happy to mix and match cameras for you.



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