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Vandal Proof Dome Cameras

Use Vandal Cameras Outdoor or Indoor

You count on security cameras to protect your business or property, and the most effective ones can protect themselves, too. Most of our vandal cameras are dome-style cameras.  PTZ, fisheye, and all our dome style cameras are vandal resisting, built to withstand the elements, "take a hit" and last. These vandal proof security cameras are IK10 rated and built to endure impacts and tampering that they can remain effective at catching perpetrators no matter the environment

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Vandal-Proof Surveillance Cameras 

When it comes to investing in outdoor surveillance cameras for properties and business spaces like parking lots, hotels, banks, retail stores, airports, and other properties, vandal-proof cameras are a necessity. Our surveillance cameras are equipped with high-quality housings that help to protect the lens from intentional or accidental damage. These heavy-duty housings are designed to absorb high-impact shocks and keep the camera recording the entire time.

In addition to protecting your cameras from damage, our vandal proof camera housings also offer added protection against severe weather conditions such as snow, hail storms, heavy rain, and extreme wind gusts that could also damage your cameras in outdoor environments. Our commercial-grade IP security cameras and HD over Coax security cameras come with industry-standard vandal proof ratings, ensuring maximum protection against impacts.

Installing Vandal-Proof Surveillance Cameras

All surveillance cameras should be installed in hard-to-reach areas such as high walls and ceilings to help avoid any form of tampering, vandalism, or damage. However, in cases where security cameras need to be installed in more and easily accessible places, a vandal proof security camera is the way to go.

To further improve your security get advanced features like remote viewing and view your cameras from anywhere by simply scanning a QR code on our compatible security camera recorders.  Our security camera recorders also have a variety of features including built in video analytics to further your protection and security. 

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CCTV Security Pros offers the most comprehensive selection of vandal resistant security camera systems to meet your unique indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. From our 16 security camera systems to our top-selling HD camera systems, we provide superior systems with advanced features and cameras with vandal proof and weatherproof use, infrared night vision, enhanced zoom capabilities, and more.

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