Best Security Camera System Features

Features of the Best Security Camera Systems

The safety of your home or office should never be compromised. Over the years, security camera systems have become an indispensable tool in ensuring this. But do you know what makes the best security camera systems tick?

Understanding Security Camera Systems

What is a security camera system?  A security camera system refers to a group of surveillance cameras connected to a unified control system or recorder. It's an essential layer of security that adds a visual element to your overall protection.

Quantifying Your Security Needs

Before we dive into the top features, it's crucial to understand your security needs. Considering factors like property size, location, and whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor cameras can help tailor your preferences.

Top Features To Look For In A Security Camera System

Several features make a high definition security camera system, let's explore these next.

High Definition Resolutions

The more pixels, the better! High definition resolutions become essential when you need to Identify faces or license plate numbers accurately. We have cameras that provide superior resolution of up to 4k ultra high definition.

Field of View

To cover a large area, wide-angle lenses are crucial. More extensive fields of view mean fewer blind spots and more secure surroundings. You also need to consider where you may need zoom lenses to focus in on important objects that may be further away. Or maybe consider a pan tilt zoom camera to capture a variety of areas and angles.

Night Vision

Ssecurity camera systems with night vision can help keep your property safe even after the sun goes down. Consider night vision cameras with infrared as well as our new color night vision camera line.

Sound and Motion Detection

Advanced systems will trigger alerts when they detect unusual movements or sounds. This feature complements your ability to react promptly to security breaches. We carry detterent cameras with sirens and alarms which help scare off potential intruders.

Two-way Audio

Two-way audio allows you to communicate directly with your visitors or intruders, creating an additional layer of interaction. Many of our cameras have microphones to record audio. 

DVR/NVR Hard Drive Storage

Our recorders allow for multiple hard drives if you wish to save and store larger amounts of data, ensuring you have access to video recordings when necessary. It also assures the safety of your records even in case of physical damage to the cameras.

Durability & Weather Resistance

Outdoor cameras must be resilient enough to withstand the weather elements. Resistant cameras guarantee longer service life and fewer maintenance requirements. The good news here is all of our cameras are commercial-grade and can be used outdoor in all types of weather conditions.

Choosing The Right Security Camera System For You

In light of your security needs and the above features, you can now make a more informed choice amongst the myriad of options that we have available. Check out our guide - Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Security Camera System.

How To Install Security Camera Systems

We send everything needed for complete installation assuring that all components are compatible and connect with your system so it is easy to set up and running optimally.


The best security camera system for you will largely depend on your specific needs. If looking for a new security camera system we recommend strongly considering our SureVision camera system product line. 

Now that you know the features of security camera systems, check out our selection and choose the perfect system for your business or home needs. 

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