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Enhancing security in our business and homes can be achieved through the easy installation of security cameras. These surveillance cameras serve as a strong deterrent to potential intruders while providing valuable evidence in the unfortunate event of a crime. Moreover, the footage captured by these cameras can even assist neighbors in need.  We offer an impresaive and wide selection of outdoor security cameras to accomodate almost any application.

Weather Resistance - A Must for Outdoor

When it comes to outdoor security cameras, durability reigns supreme. With exposure to the elements year-round, it is crucial to select cameras that are weatherproof and specifically designed to withstand temperatures, heavy rain and even snow. Opt cameras boasting an IP65 or higher rating, guaranteeing protection against dust water. The advantage of our commercial-grade cameras lies in their versatility - they can utilized both indoors and outdoors.

High-Quality Video Resolution

The ability to obtain clear and detailed footage is vital for accurately individuals and events. Prioritize outdoor security cameras that offer high-definition video resolution, 1080p or higher. This ensures the clarity necessary to capture essential details as facial features, license plates, and other critical information. When you choose our outdoor cameras, you have the option to select the impressive 4k definition cameras for unparalleled clarity.

Night Vision: Uncompromised Security, Day and Night

Criminal activities are not restricted to daylight hours, underscoring the importance of excellent night vision capabilities in a camera. Seek out cameras equipped with infrared (IR) or low-light features that guarantee clear footage even in complete darkness. Remarkably, our new IP outdoor cameras boast color night vision. Consider the distance and range of the night vision functionality to effectively cover the desired area.

Wide Field of View: Comprehensive Surveillance Coverage

To ensure comprehensive coverage, opt for outdoor security cameras with a wide field of view. A wider angle permits the camera to capture more significant areas, minimizing the number of cameras required to surveil an entire space. Aim for cameras with a field of view of 90 degrees or greater, maximizing your surveillance capabilities. Rest assured, all our cameras provide a minimum 110-degree view for exceptional coverage.  We have cameras with capabilities to provide you with a 180 degree and even a 360 degree view.

Motion Detection: Stay Alert, Be Notified

One of the most valuable features of outdoor security cameras is motion detection. This capability allows the camera to detect any movement within its field of view and promptly send alerts to the property owner or security monitoring service. Seek cameras that offer customizable motion detection settings, enabling you to adjust sensitivity levels and define specific areas for monitoring. Additionally, ensure your chosen recorder supports this functionality to easily store your video.

Two-Way Audio: Effective Communication, Even Remotely

The ability to communicate remotely with visitors or potential intruders presents a significant advantage. Look for outdoor security cameras equipped with two-way audio functionality, allowing you to listen and speak through the camera. This feature facilitates communication with delivery personnel, enables you to warn intruders, or provides reassurance to your family members while you are away.

By prioritizing the essential features mentioned above, you can ensure that your camera meets your specific requirements and provides the desired level of security for your home or business. Remember to thoroughly evaluate factors such as weather resistance, video resolution, night vision capabilities, field of view, motion detection, two-way audio, remote access, storage options, installation ease, and integration possibilities when making your selection. When you explore our selection, we are confident you will find the perfect outdoor camera to fulfill your needs.  Feel free to call us at (888) 653-2288 if you would like advice on your selection.

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