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The Drawbacks of Old CCTV Security Cameras - How to Upgrade

Jul 9, 2023

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If you're like many businesses, you might have old security cameras that have been around for longer than most of your employees. Maybe they're outdated and don't work as well as they used to, or maybe the footage is so grainy and low quality that it's not able to get a clear picture of incidents in its field of view. In either case, it might be time to upgrade your security camera system. While old CCTV camera systems can still be useful, they also come with a few drawbacks. 

Here are some of the reasons why you need to upgrade your old surveillance cameras and how to upgrade to a high-resolution security system that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Drawbacks of Old CCTV Security Cameras

Old security cameras don't have the features available on newer models, such as PoE technology, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), and infrared night vision. Most of these cameras run on analog signals and coaxial cables, which can be susceptible to interference and are not as reliable as digital signals. Let's look at some of the drawbacks of using old CCTV security cameras:

1. Outdated Technology Can Lead to Blurry Images and Low Video Quality

One of the biggest drawbacks of using old surveillance cameras is that the image quality is often not as good as newer high-end security cameras. This is because the technology used in these cameras is outdated and can't compare to the high-definition images produced by newer cameras. In addition, analog signals are more likely to be distorted than digital signals, which can lead to a lower quality video stream.

If you're using an old security camera, you may notice that the image is blurry, and the colors are not as vibrant as they would be on a newer model. Additionally, the image may be choppy and pixelated, making it difficult to identify people or objects in the footage. Low video quality can also make it difficult to identify suspects or track down criminals. 

2. Poor Weatherproofing Can Cause Water Damage to Cameras 

Old security cameras are typically not well weatherproofed, which means they can be susceptible to water damage if they're exposed to rain or snow. If the camera is located outdoors and it starts raining or snowing, the water will seep into the camera and cause it to malfunction. Even for older security cameras with weatherproof housing, it's not as good as the weatherproofing on newer models.

3. Limited Storage Capacity Results in Footage Being Overwritten

Another drawback of using old CCTV cameras is that they have a limited storage capacity. This means that the footage from the camera will eventually be overwritten and lost unless you save it to another storage device. With newer models of security camera systems, you can store more footage on the video recorder itself because the storage capacity is much larger.

This can be a problem if you need to review footage from a certain time period or if you need to keep track of someone's movements over a period of time. If the old security camera's storage capacity is full, the newest footage will overwrite the oldest footage, and you'll lose all that information.

4. Out-of-date Firmware Leaves Cameras Vulnerable

Using old surveillance cameras with out-of-date firmware makes them vulnerable to problems. While old security cameras that transmit signals over coaxial cable don't connect to any network like IP security cameras, they are still susceptible to signal hijacking, where someone can replace the signal with another video signal. Manufacturers may also stop issuing firmware updates for old cameras, which means they will no longer work with the latest recording software.

5. Lack of Motion Detection or Night Vision Capabilities 

One of the main reasons people upgrade their security cameras is to add features like motion detection, night vision, zooming, and wide-angle viewing. However, old security cameras do not have these capabilities, which can be a problem if you need to monitor an area 24/7. Without these advanced capabilities, the effectiveness of your security cameras is limited.

How to Upgrade to Newer Security Cameras

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When it comes to security, it is important to always be one step ahead of the criminals. One way to do this is by upgrading your security system regularly. Old CCTV cameras will not be as effective in deterring crime and capturing evidence as newer models. Fortunately, there are many options available when it comes to upgrading your security system so that you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your new system meets or exceeds the performance of your old system. The practical approach to upgrading from old security cameras to modern surveillance cameras or a complete surveillance system is simple:

  • Choose between HD-CVI security cameras or network IP cameras - HD-CVI cameras use analog signals and can be used with an existing coaxial cable infrastructure, making them a good choice for upgrading older security systems. Network IP cameras use digital signals and can take advantage of high-speed internet, so they're a good choice for new installations.
  • Get security cameras with higher resolution - 1080p up to Ultra 4K HD makes a dramatic difference in identifying suspects and securing convictions. The higher the resolution, the more detail you will see on the footage.
  • Select cameras with features that meet your specific needs - Features like motion detection, vandal-proof casing, low-light recording, infrared illumination, wide dynamic range, and smart detection can help to improve the quality of your footage and make it easier to identify suspects.
  • Get a new Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder -  When upgrading old security cameras, you'll need a new recorder to store and manage the footage from your new cameras. Your choice will depend on the type of cameras you choose.
  • Upgrade your cabling - How are you going to power your security cameras? If you're installing network IP cameras, you'll need a high-speed internet connection to support them. If you're upgrading older security cameras, you may need to replace your old cabling with newer, more efficient cable. However, if your old coaxial cables are still in good shape, you can use them with HD-CVI cameras.
  • Add more storage for your surveillance footage -  As your security system grows, you'll need more storage to keep all the footage. You can either add more storage to your existing DVR or NVR or choose a recorder that comes with built-in storage that you can also expand.
  • Ensure your new surveillance system comes with advanced video analytics - This helps a lot with monitoring and recording events of interest and can save you a lot of time when reviewing footage.

Upgrading old security cameras can be a daunting task, but it's important to remember that many options are available to meet your specific needs. By following these simple steps, you can select the perfect system for your business and feel confident that you're doing everything possible to protect your property and the people you love. It's time to upgrade that old CCTV camera system. 

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