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CCTV System Builder


Want to build your own custom system? Not sure what you need?
Our system builder will walk you through your selection process to make it easy to you to customize your own system while ensuring you have all the necessary components to build your own security camera system.
We offer three lines of systems - Green Line, Blue Line, and Black Line. The Green and Blue Line Series are IP Camera Systems and are extremely popular in new installations. IP systems are installed with CAT5 cable. Our Black Line Systems offer a complete HD over Coax solution. HD over Coax Systems are installed with power/video combo cable exactly like older analog systems. When you choose a system line below, you will be directed to the proper category to customize your own complete system. It is very easy. No matter which system you choose, there are four main components you will need to build a security system:
All three lines represent the leading commercial-grade surveillance solutions available today.
Widely used in a variety of applications from home to government use, you can be confident that all of the security systems you build will exceed your expectations. All systems come with a 3-year warranty, unlimited support, and free remote viewing app and software. There are no monthly fees. All our systems are simple and easy to install. The features and functionality of our systems are very similar. Features of all systems include motion detection and alerts, PTZ control, object counting and analytics, and quick search review.
Features & Advantages of Each Camera Line

Green Line Features

supervision IP Green Line security camera
  • Easy Setup with Power Over Ethernet
  • Run each camera over 800 feet without additional hardware
  • High Definition video up to 4K
  • Automatic Firmware/software updates
  • NDAA Compliance Options Available
  • Free Remote Cell Phone Viewing 
Our "Green Line" SUREVISION System Series offers the best in performance and reliability with high definition up to 4K. Our "Green Line" IP System Series is used by businesses, government, and homeowners that need a commercial grade, high definition solution. Satisfied clients using our systems include retail, warehouses, restaurants, fortune 500 companies, schools, hospitals, government, and more. Now you can build your own security camera system with professional-grade green line components.

Blue Line Features

  • Used in Thousands of Applications
  • Easy setup with Power Over Ethernet
  • Latest and Greatest IP technology
  • High Definition video up to 4K
  • Free Remote Cell Phone Viewing
Customers have relied on our "Blue Line" High Definition IP System Series in 2012. Since then, our "Blue Line" IP Systems have been used in thousands of installations nationwide including by fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and homeowners looking for a superior high definition commercial grade solution. Our "Blue Line" Series features high-definition IP cameras with a powerful POE network video recorder of up to 4k resolution. Build your security system with guaranteed compatibility.

Black Line Features

Black Line Features
  • Easy to upgrade analog systems to HD over coax
  • Seamless Installation with older Coax Cable systems
  • Cables feature Long-distance transmission
  • Exceptionally Cost-effective and Efficient
  • Free Remote Cell Phone Viewing
Our "Black Line" HD Over Coax System Series offers the highest definition available over coax cable technology. Using coax cable, you can now achieve true high definition of 1080p and higher with our "Black Line" HD System Series. Some of our customers have older systems that already have siamese coax combo cabling in place. Order the "Black Line" Series to build a security system and achieve up to 4K HD megapixel performance over standard coax cables.

Source Your Camera Systems with CCTV Security Pros

Easy Installation

CCTV Security Pros can provide all the parts you need to build a security system and install it on your own. Use our quick start guide or call our USA-based support team. Install these plug & play CCTV systems yourself with our help to save thousands. Enjoy a 3-year warranty, 100% money-back guarantee, and unlimited tech support for installation.

Free Remote Viewing

View live and recorded camera footage on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Review your footage with features like motion detection, quick search, and object counting.

Free software and easy setup. View footage and control your CCTV system anywhere, anytime, absolutely free with no ongoing fees.

Superior Video + Night Vision

Cameras and CCTV equipment with HD, 2K, or 4K video resolution for seeing fine details at great distances.

Building a security system with Infrared illuminators can show you clear video in complete darkness at 100 ft or more.

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