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NDAA Compliant Products

When it comes to government security, all products are not created equal. Due to heavy regulation, many video surveillance cameras and security systems are currently banned for government use. These banned products include components from Chinese manufacturers listed in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). We now offer a select line of SureVision (Green-line) Systems and  professional-grade IP cameras and NVR recorders that are NDAA compliant and specifically approved for government use.

These NDAA-compliant cameras provide high-definition video of up to 4K resolution and are used at tens of thousands of locations in the United States, including police stations, city halls, libraries, universities, and courthouses. If you’re sourcing NDAA-compliant security cameras for your location, you can trust CCTV Security Pros.

NDAA Compliant Systems from CCTV Security Pros 

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